Devilishly Trendy Costumes for 2023

Looking for the costumes everyone’s “dying” to wear this year? We spotlight some of the trendiest women’s costumes for 2023.

What’s the key to a great Halloween costume? It’s not just the outfit, but also the attention to detail, accessories, makeup, and staying true to the character or concept you’re portraying. This mantra rings true whether you’re going classic costume or edgy pop culture.

For the best guidance on the matter, we went straight to our special events apparel editor, who’s never failed to slay at her Halloween costume game, year after year. Here’s her short, and very sage advice: “I like to think of it like planning that perfect party look for a seriously lit event. Start with what vibe you want to give (clever, sexy, sophisticated, etc?) then find your inspiration (that one amazing piece that makes the outfit sing) and build your look around it (supporting apparel, accessories, makeup – as much or little as you like).”

Great advice, but like so many of us living our busy lives, searching for that vibe + inspiration isn’t always practical. We got you – our Editors have done the research for you, and bonus! we’ve even pulled together their favorite trending and timely costumes. So let’s get this costume party started!


2023 has been a banner year for some great movie characters, so it seems most appropriate to start here for some inspiration…

Cowgirl Barbie

Honestly, there are so many Barbie options, you really can’t go wrong. But ever since Coastal Cowgirl hit the music fest scene all the way back in March, we knew Cowgirl Barbie was number one on our list. Here’s an entire outfit, accessories and all, courtesy of Windsor, whose mix-and-match Halloween section is such a great way to get the exact look you want, all in one place. Talk about one-stop shopping!



The Little Mermaid

We haven’t been this excited to channel our inner Ariel since watching the original animated as kids. Of course, the beautiful and amazingly talented Halle Bailey absolutely slayed as the beautiful and spirited young mermaid. But as this is a party look we’re going for, we’ve mixed in a *little* bit of Dua Lipa’s super sexy Mermaid Barbie (because Barbie). For our full and fantastic fit, we hit up the Windsor store for inspo and come out with a look that so needs to be part of your world.


Kirby Reed, Scream 6

Fans of the franchise had their stan dreams come true as Hayden Panettiere reprised her role in this year’s Scream 6. She was without a doubt, the breakout character from Scream 4, so seeing her return to dominate horror movie trivia questions and kick some Ghostface a$$ gave us all a worthy heroine we haven’t seen since the Scream Queen Jamie Lee Curtis herself. We’ve taken inspo from some of her best looks, including that must-have motorcycle jacket to create that perfect “final girl” look. Really want to up the ante? Casually toss on a Ghostface crossbody to stash all your cool stuff.



Whether gracing us with a fantastic first season, or returning to give us all the feels in a fresh season, this year we’ve had plenty to keep us satisfied on our couches.

Wednesday Addams

For all of us who fell hard in love with the first season, the November premiere seemed bittersweet. Finally, though, the time has come around again and we can all get the chance to cosplay our favorite clever, strong and ultimately kickass heroine. For this sultry take on the Wednesday look, we hit up Windsor one more time, and again come away winning, with great dark, quirky looks that are both charming and sexy. All that’s left is to practice your best non-blinking stare…


Daisy Jones

Not only did this Amazon Prime series crush it with streaming audiences, the songs created for the show hit No. 1 on iTunes, No. 1 on Billboard’s Emerging Artists chart, and millions of views on TikTok…that’s pretty amazing for a band that never existed. At the heart of the series is Daisy, the lead singer and songwriter of the band Daisy Jones and the Six. While her life choices are like a poster child for a “sex, drugs and rock & roll” campaign slogan, her fashion sense is undeniable. So why randomly cosplay some general 70s look, when you can be the Daisy?


Queen Charlotte

Netflix’s prequel spin-off, Queen Charlotte, has proven to be just as popular as it’s predecessor, Bridgerton. And while the series was created as a one-and-done, there are plenty of fan-fueled rumors that a season 2 may happen after all. Who wouldn’t want to be this incredibly strong, intelligent and beautifully clever woman who graces the screen with stunning new outfits in every scene?



2023 had no lack of pop star mega-moments that are perfect for Halloween costuming this year. So get ready to channel your fav diva with these dripping fits.

Taylor Swift Era

What’s your favorite era? With years to span through, you really have your choice of which Taylor to emulate. For our money though, her “Lover” look shows off the very best of her synth-pop sweetness. And while our pocketbooks couldn’t handle the real Atelier Versace bodysuit and Louboutin boots, pulling together a similar look for a lot less isn’t as hard as it sounds.


Rhianna Superbowl Costume

Talk about the Lady in Red. Rhianna absolutely killed it at the Superbowl with her now iconic all-red outfit taking center stage. But unlike Riri’s outfit designer who had the herculean task of perfectly matching all those red pieces, don’t sweat it if your pieces vary in color. This IS just for fun, after all.


Tina Turner

We saved the best for last. The one and only Queen of Rock and Roll, Tina Turner saw her life story turned into a smash Broadway musical that’s still going strong, playing in theater districts across the world. Sadly, she passed this May. Pay homage to this boss legend who lived her live boldly and to the utmost.



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