Last Minute Costumes to Die For

How’s this for a nightmarish plot…It’s a dark and stormy night, and you’re trapped in a costume store, frantically trying to find something to wear that you haven’t seen at least three versions of before, isn’t completely *yawn* and…do they even have anything left in your size?!

Terrifying? Yes. And like some of the best horror films, this one is based on a true story.

Okay, so let’s flip the script on this. Just because we’re closing in on the 31st doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to a costume that might as well come with its own “MEH” sign.

Here at SLH our Editors have put together ten last minute costume ideas that are unexpected, easy and won’t cost you a student loan payment.


Channel the one-and-only Pop-Punk Queen of the Aughties. Capture her skater girl meets goth punk with a few choice elements, including a simple white tank, baggy cargos, a striped tie (precociously worn loose around the neck) and of course a cool set of skater sneaks. You can always spring the $50 for the real Vans, but we found these perfectly suitable substitutes for under fifteen bucks.

From Left to Right:


Show off your Prima Ballerina this season by adding a fun spin on Nina’s stunning black swan costume. Start with a black tutu (we found this adult sized one at Target for only $15). Then, add a black corset top or go truly daring with this feathered bralette top we found on Windsor. Finish it up with an inexpensive tiara and of course, that dramatic swan-inspired make up. Encore!

From Left to Right:


Faster than you can say “Ew, David!” you can put this look together. Alexis wears what she likes, and she definitely has a penchant for boho dresses. We’re guessing you already have a few in your wardrobe, but if not, try this off-the-shoulder beauty we found, along with some killer over-the-knee boots (at a killer price!). The only thing left is to pop on a floppy hat and prepare to deliver your favorite episode lines from our favorite ditzy socialite.

From Left to Right:

#7 – QUEEN B

Has anyone in history rocked a catsuit better than Beyoncé? We think not. Capture her look starting with a body suit base layer (this one we found on Rue21 for an absolute steal) and then head over to Windsor store and snap up their embellished catsuit. Only thing left is to grab your (costume) mic and show just who “Run the World”…

From Left to Right:


Go full Pogue this Halloween as we gear up for the new season (*finally!*). Sarah’s outfits are most likely items you already have in your wardrobe. If not, here’s one of our favorite fits. The last addition to really sell the point? We recommend dirtying up your clothes a bit and add a smear of mud or two on your face to give you that “just got back from treasure hunting” look.

From Left to Right:


“I’m sorry, what was the question?” – If the answer is, How to be Pam Halpert from The Office, then we’ve got your covered. Pam’s outfit is pretty simple. Start with a short-sleeve, white button. Then add a beige, knee-length skirt, a pastel cardigan, and, of course, some comfortably practical white sneaks. For extra credit points you can print out a Pam Halper, Dunder-Mifflin id badge and slide it into an empty lanyard.

From Left to Right:


The red wedding dress costume has been done to death (pun intended). Why not go as Lydia in her dripping cool goth outfit instead? A midi black dress and wide-brim black hat (the bigger the better) is all the clothing you’ll need. Then you just need to find an old style camera (or a non-working toy version, as we did). And of course, you’ll need to gel out your hair to create those spectacular spiky bangs.

From Left to Right:


Remember, no one puts Baby in a corner. There are so many good looks for Baby to choose from in this movie, but one of the most iconic is of course what she wears during the famous “Love is Strange” dance scene. Grab some long shorts and roll them up to bermuda short length (or cut off some old jeans if you have them). Next, take a standard white button down, button half way down and then twist the bottom half into a knot. Roll the sleeves, throw on some white Keds, and you are ready to get down…and dirty.

From Left to Right:


This one is a true classic. The first to die at the hands of Ghostface. Casey’s look is all things 90s, starting with her v-neck, oversized knit sweater and 90s baggy style jeans. Of course, this costume is nothing without a phone to scream into and be sure to liberally apply plenty of fake blood all over your chest.

From Left to Right:


Show those b*tches who the real witch is. Whether she’s casting spells or trying to figure out yet another mystery, Sabrina does it all wearing the absolute coolest outfits. The red dress is a particular favorite, and it’s so simple to do! We found this burgundy beauty with the perfect flared sleeves. No collar? No problem. We found a bunch online for under ten bucks. And last but certainly not least, a book prop on Witchcraft (found on Spirit for a steal).

From Left to Right:

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