Cool 2020 Couples Costumes

Whether you’re heading to a party, Hallo-streaming, or just passing out the candy to the trick-or-treaters, we’ve got some fun Insta-worthy costume ideas for couples for Halloween this year. Some of the are simple click-and-buy, and some are a little DIY, but in all cases they’re outfits you’re both going to love!


Get a little wild this Halloween with these fun combinations, starting with these performers. Grab the spotlight as Ringmaster and the Lion. These costumes are excellent as is, but why not whip up a little extra credit and add a “jumping hoop” to boot?

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From Left to Right:

Or maybe Shark Week is a little more your thing? This Lifeguard and Great White combo makes for a great catch, but if you’re looking to really hook your audience, how about giving your shark a little snack to carry around while your guard keeps himself above water with a rescue float?

From Left to Right:

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t include the fairy tale favorite, Red Riding Hood and the Big, Bad Wolf. But in our version, we’re giving things a little twist. Our RRH is one smooth operator, with a basket full of biscuits, she’s managed to tame her wolf-y beast…

From Right to Left:



Sure, you could go as peanut butter and jelly, but how much more fun are these combos? Starting with some star-crossed lovers that are out-of-this-world…the Astronaut and the Galaxy Girl. We like this combination as is, but we love the idea of adding the world’s cutest space gun and of course, some light up shoes for our man in space!

From Left to Right:


Interested in something a little more creepy and a little less cute? You don’t get much more opposites attract than these two. TBH, we think she just wants him for his brains. Make this already uncomfortable looking couple even better with a fantastic bloody brain for the lady and the one-and-only Zombie Survival Guide book for the guy (hopefully he can pick up some good tips).

From Left to Right:


Here’s another classic combo…the Diver and the Mermaid. Their relationship is pretty deep (ouch, okay enough of that). But you have to admit this is a pretty cool combo. Especially if you add a few items like some fabulous rainbow hair and a deep sea diver’s trusty trident.

From Left to Right:


2020 has had some pretty interesting moments that made us go “what the what?”. Okay, more than a few. But here are a few ideas that are both fun in spirit and wacky to boot. Starting with these cool cats and kittens…

From Left to Right:

Break out the blue eyeshadow and prepare to bring The Story of the Fire Saga to life. Channel our favorite Eurovison Song Contest performers, Lars and Sigrit! For extra credit, grab some inflatable props to the party and give your audience a good old round of “Jaja Ding Dong”.

From Left to Right:

And last but not least on our list of 2020 wacky weirdness, lest we forget those buzzing busy bodies from overseas…the Murder Hornets!

From Left to Right:


Like the song says, “We could be Heros”….and why not? With so many cool superpowered couples out there in movies right now there’s lots to choose from. Starting off with some well-known Guardians…

From Left to Right:


Every relationships has its ups and downs. Especially when you’re dealing with some seriously dysfunctional characters. Namely everyone’s favorite frightful clown couple – Joker and Harley. They don’t play nice, but never let it be said their relationship is boring…

From the Left to Right:


It’s good to be the king! Channel the warriors of Wakanda with T’Challa and Shuri in these deluxe costumes, plus up your game with some Shuri face makeup and a Panther claw that means business!

From Left to Right:


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