Teens remain the ideal time to try all sorts of beauty and fashion trends and look young and beautiful. However there are many fashion runway trends that are not appropriate for the younger lot. In this article you will come across some of the most popular, teens friendly trends that can be easily adopted by teen girls. Gone are the days when young girls went to their moms for inspiration, today they rely heavily on teen magazines and celebrities to determine their fashion goals and trends. Here are the hottest new trends for teens which will never age and are totally age-appropriate too!


The young, fresh glowing skin:

Heavy makeup, mascara and liner lidded eyes, contouring and dark, fudgy lipsticks are a big NO for the younger women. Experience the delicacy of your age and enjoy the glowing skins which nature has blessed you with. A lightweight foundation, concealer or foundation could be used to target the blemishes and smooth the skin and a light reflecting highlighter on the cheekbones adds to the glowing look.


Nails that shine

You can add a sparkle to your nails by using a shimmery nail polish or glittery top coats. Experiment with shades you like and be bold with colors. Create new looks and enjoy nail painting. Well manicured and polished nails enhance the appearance of your hands making them look well taken care and beautiful.

Mega Lashes: you don’t have to necessarily wear fake eye lashes to get the dramatically long lashes. You can purchase special mascara for extra volume and get the amazing mega lashes look. However, girls bear in mind that mega lashes are not appropriate for all occasions.


Flirty, chirpy and girly fashion

You are too young to be an emo or too sophisticated. Adopt fashion that is flirty and girly. Have fun with colors and trend. Always remember to go brighter and shine because that is what young girls are meant to do. Being a teen suggests wearing sunshine yellow sweater or a fit and flare dress that is very girly; you can also opt for tights that make a statement. They don’t have to simple and boring but you can look for some really fun patterned and colorful ones to enhance the youthful charm within in your soul. Create a charming one yourself with a few sequins, beads or silk flowers. Don’t fret over making it too perfect because half of the appeal of such a style comes from its quirky and whimsical feel.


Essential makeup

You do not need expensive pallets and makeup products for your young skin. A few natural eye shadows, good mascara and a pretty gloss is perfect to make you look perfect. Get your hands on natural or pink glosses and soft, natural eye shades. Simplicity in makeup and eccentric, free spirited dressing is the key this year for all the fashionable teens out there!

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