7 Essentials for Your Bridal Clutch

SLH East Coast Editor:

The bridal clutch is definitely the bride’s best friend on her big day. It may appear as a mere pretty, shiny and stylish piece clutched in the hand of the bride but it has a lot more importance than that. While adding stuff to the wedding clutch you could go on with a list of possibilities and probably end up needing a much larger bag. The problem is that most wedding clutches can only carry so much so the choice is limited. Here we are sharing seven essentials that must be in your wedding clutch. Once you have found the perfect wedding clutch complimenting your personality and your wedding dress than move on to deciding what to carry in it.

1. Pocket Mirror

This is just as important as anything on your big day. You wont stop and ask your maid of honor if you have something stuck in your teeth or got your mascara running from shedding a tear or two. Well, it is true girls can get a little sentimental on this day. Pick up a small pocket mirror and save the day. You can also get a powder compact which comes with a mirror! They are pretty and handy.

2. Floss

Toss a floss or two in your wedding clutch because food in your teeth can make you crawl in your wedding seat for hours. Fix the situation as soon as something gets in your teeth and keep yourself easy with this little handy essential in your wedding clutch.

3. Bobby Pins

Ahh. These are definitely a must have to keeo your style perfect all night. Get a pack of bobby pins which is easy to carry in your bag and quit worrying about your beautiful up do. You have back up in your wedding clutch!

4. Tissues (or Handkerchief)

You cannot go through a wedding without a tissue or a hankerchief especially if it is your wedding and you happen to be the most sensitive creature on this planet- A GIRL. Tears of joy? Mascara running down your cheeks?prepare yourself for this with some tissues or a hankerchief which wont take much space when folded in a corner of your wedding clutch.

5. Spot Remover

It is not new to see a paranoid bride spilling a little wine or coffee on her dress. Stay prepared for this with a spot remover which will prevent any stain from sticking on your beautiful dress and keep you looking as immaculate and fresh as ever.

6. Lipstick

You just cannot go to your wedding without your lipstick in your bag. It will be your savior and keep you fresh and done throughout the night. You will talk, drink and smile all the time and lipstick no matter what brand you use, will wear off and need re-touches. Keep your favorite lipstick in your wedding clutch for the necessary touches.

7. Aspirin (or Pain Medication of Your Choice)

Headaches are also very common on the big day so don’t let them ruin your day and keep the medication in your clutch. It doesn’t take much space but when needed, it can save your day!

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