Take a Tint Hint: Why You Need Winter Sunglasses in Your Life

Do you think tinted sunnies are just for fun and dark gray to black are the “real sunglasses”? Surprise, that’s not really true.

Sure, when it comes to general usage, gray is the popular choice, but depending on the season and the activity, it certainly isn’t always the best choice.

Let’s dispel that myth, take a look at some choices, and show you why you need more options in your life.


You’ve probably seen more than a few rose-colored and red-tinted glasses of late. You can thank the return of “all things aughtie” for that (rose in particular was an extremely popular color choice for rimless glasses in the aughts).

But beyond just helping elevate your mood, did you know that rose/red tinted lenses are especially helpful in blocking blue light? That’s right. So not only is it great for dialing down all that blue light from your digital devices, consider wearing these outdoors in winter, especially when driving. The red tinted lens (when combined with proper UV protection) runs circles around the typical gray lenses in reducing glare and improving your visibility while driving in bright daylight. So if you’re heading for snow-bound activities, or just trying to navigate your daily drive, try out these options to keep your disposition rosy…

Zenni Optical, Ivory Tortoiseshell w/Desert Rose Tint $32.95


Burberry, Cat Eye in Burgundy $99

(on Sale NOW from $254)


Versace, Circle Lens Rose Ombre Sunglasses $299



Amber hues (yellows, oranges and shades in between) are the second most popular tint color after gray. And if you haven’t tried this tint out on your last winter activity, you’re really missing out. Amber tints are fantastic for increasing contrast in low-light conditions (hence their supreme popularity among the skier/snowboarding crowd). But they’re not just for the slopes. Any winter activity that has you outside in sunrise/sunset, cloudy, foggy or hazy conditions means having an amber-hued tint is a real must.

Tifosi Optics, Swick Sunglasses $25


Blenders Eyewear, Eclipse in Saturn Cloud $59

Gucci, Rectangular Amber Sunglasses $276



Lavender and violet tinted glasses are another favorite of the fashion world. And why not? They add a boldness to any look with their chic, purplish hue. But did you know that wearing purple-tinted sunglasses not only reduces blue light glare (like rose/red can), it can also enhance your color perception while wearing them. Maybe that’s why so many designers love to sport them. This enhanced perception can be very useful in winter, especially when you need to see clearly on drizzly overcast days.

Zenni Optical, Transparent Frame w/Violet $19.95


Prada, Dark Tortoiseshell Sunglasses $169.99

(on Sale NOW from $418)


Gucci Eyewear, Pilot Sunglasses Lavender $410



Not just soothing for your mood, green tinted glasses are made to soothe your eyes on extremely bright days. These glasses are a favorite of golfers when they need focused precision under harsh light. So why wear them in winter? Anyone who has stepped out on a snow laden, sunny day can attest, the glare struggle is real. If you’re sensitive to light, going for the green could be the best thing for you.

Zenni Optical, Green Aviator Glasses $16.95


Native Eyewear, Catamount Polarized Sunglasses $98.95


Krewe, STL II in Bottle Green $335



For our last tint, we’re diving into the blue hues. Blue tints are recommended for snowy conditions, as the tint can help enhance your visual perception (like violet) while keeping you calm in stressful situations. So if this winter is really putting a number on you, this happy enhancer will have you vibing on blue skies all day long.

Ray-Ban, Aviator Frame Sunglasses $167

Smith, Ruckus ChromaPop Sunglasses $219

Dolce & Gabbana, Havanna Blue Sunglasses $345


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