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Heavy Metal – Holiday Jewelry Goes BIG

Call it a response to all the “waist up” conversations we’ve been having, but jewelry for the holidays is trending big. Statement pieces that aren’t afraid to show a little color, chunk up the chains […]


50 Holiday Dresses for Under $100

We know the holidays can put a strain on finances, but at SLH we are here to tell you that you CAN have a great holiday look on a budget! Back by popular demand, our […]


PLAID Ta Meet Ya!

To say that Plaid is “back” is a little unfair. This joyful pattern in all it’s various colors, squares and lines has never really gone out of style. But this season in particular, between the […]


Outfits to Meet the Family

Whether you’ve been dating a while, or perhaps the timing just seems right, having your S.O. invite you to Thanksgiving with their family is a big deal (spoiler alert – even if they say it’s […]