PLAID Ta Meet Ya!

To say that Plaid is “back” is a little unfair. This joyful pattern in all it’s various colors, squares and lines has never really gone out of style. But this season in particular, between the 90s fashion revival and our craving for haute punk silhouettes, this gender neutral pattern is once again finding itself the darling of the couture spotlight.

Like all good patterns, plaid is amazingly versatile. By itself, it can be the anchor piece of your entire outfit. But when properly mixed, wow…it takes your entire outfit to a new level.

What’s that you say? You can’t put plaids together? Well of course you can! All it takes is a few simple rules, and you can easily combine two or even three different plaid patterns effortlessly in one outfit. Take inspiration with our looks below as we show you how to mix your plaids together…without it looking like Clash of the Tartans.

All of the items in today’s article are from one of our favorite stores, Windsor. We love their fresh and trendy fashions, and we made sure to include links on all the items we used, so you can grab and go as you follow along! Oh, and as of now, they also have FREE SHIPPING on orders over $60.

Ready to get your Plaid on?

Let’s start with an easy one. Taking two pieces of (almost) identical sett (the distinctive pattern of the squares and lines in a plaid) but of different proportions creates instant synergy without appearing too “matchy-matchy”. The larger plaid pattern on this gorgeous Preppy in Plaid Wool Coat ($49.90) looks right at home with these High Waist Snap Front Plaid Skinny Pants ($34.90). 

Not sure how to style the rest of the look? We’ve got you covered…


Break up the pattern, and stay warm with this fresh white Crepe Turtleneck Bodysuit ($29.90) and these toasty Faux-Ever Block Heel Booties ($36.90). Add a little bling with some Wavy Textured Hoops ($9.90) and keep things stashed with a Chic Chain Lock Jelly Crossbody Bag ($28.90). Last but definitely not least with this “Heading Outside” look, make sure you’re staying safe with a proper mask. This fun Holiday Face Mask ($8.90) will have everyone in the holiday spirit while you’re out and about.

Want another example of this rule?

Here you go! These High Waist Plaid Dress Shorts ($22.90) have a pattern very similar to the Pretty in Plaid Face Mask ($7.90) but by playing with proportions, they don’t look like they were cut from the same roll. Actually, we think they end up making a pretty cute couple ready for your next fun (socially safe) party with friends.

Not sure how this is a party look? Let us get you in the mood with the right accessories…


We love a good pair of hot pants when paired with some lively colored tights like these Emilio Cavallini Micro Tights ($15.99). Toughen things up with a few punk inspired accessories, starting with some serious stomping Faux Leather Combat Lug Boots ($28.90) and this Faux Leather Chain Belt ($14.90).

A Cozy Cropped Popcorn Knit Sweater ($38.90) in winter white, a Simple Glam Rhinestone Choker ($12.90) plus the most adorbs-looking Mini Croc Purse ($18.00) add feminine flirt.

Getting the idea? Great! Let’s move on to Lesson #2…


Okay these two patterns are certainly not the same. Yet, they look really good together. Why? This is our second rule for how to properly mix Plaids – Drastically different patterns that share at least two colors between them can come together and look amazing. In this case, the taupe pink, dark grey and cream in the Belted Plaid Mini Skirt ($24.90) are repeated in the soft Check Plaid Coat ($59.90). Together they create a super chic look that just begs for a few accessories to be your new office fav…

Sweet creams are made of this! Ahem…yeah, we’ll stop now…But we’re loving how these cream Cable Sweater Tights ($12.00) and Trendy Square Toe Booties ($32.90) keep things light. Despite being the same color, their different textures keep them from becoming a total wash out. Adding a basic Long Sleeved Ribbed Top ($19.90) in black helps break up all the pastel. Last piece to pull things together – these Gorgeous Glam Mini Door Knocker Earrings ($8.90) echo all those square shapes.

Love to see another example? Here we go…

Different patterns, but again we have a least two colors in common. Not yet feeling how this Plaid Knit Mini Dress ($26.90) and Oversized Cropped Jacket ($42.90) pair up for a merry meet-up look? Let’s add a few quick accessories and show you…

Starting to get the picture? First, let’s acknowledge the fabulousness of these Faux Suede Over The Knee Boots ($39.90) and how fantastic they pair with the Hue Super Opaque Tights in Graphite ($15.00). All we need to complete this look is an eye-catching Layered Chain Link Eye Charm Set ($10.90) and a flirty Elegant Lace Face Mask ($9.90).

Getting the hang of it? Great! Now let’s get advanced with our last lesson – Opposites Attract!

Looking at these two, you’d have to agree they have little to nothing in common. Totally different patterns and no real color matching to speak of. And you’re right. Yet the chemistry between them is strong. How? And this is where our Lesson #3 comes into play, aka Opposites Attract. First, you have the proportions – one small, busier pattern and a larger pattern with a more dominant color (i.e. red). Because the proportions are so different, your eye doesn’t view them as competitive. The second reason these opposites work is because while the colors may not match, they are in fact complementary of each other. The cool grey in the Plaid Skinny Pant ($38.90) reads as a neutral, and therefore allows the bright red in the Plaid Crop Top ($15.90) to take the spotlight. This rule of opposite-but-complementary even works when combining additional non-matching colors.

Don’t believe us? Let’s kick things up a level…

Before you say “oh no you didn’t”…we kinda did. Red and yellow are primary colors, so if they were the same intensity of brightness, this Cropped Moto Jacket ($39.90) might have still worked but would have come across a bit cartoonish. This more muted color though, immediately reads sophisticated (think Burberry and you’ve got it). And because it still is a primary, it also plays nicely with the cool grey pants. All this outfit needs to finish up are some amazing Clearly On Fleek Faux Leather Combat Boots ($36.90) and some flirty jewelry. We’re gravitating towards these Butterfly Baby Rhinestone Hair Clips ($12.90) and this Trendy Statement Ring Set ($13.90).

So if you’re ready to mix it up with plaid this Fall, we say GO FOR IT! Keep these rules in mind, but ultimately remember that fashion is all about making it your own thing.


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