16 Summer Shapewear Pieces That Keep You Cool and Collected

Our editors review and post their sixteen favorite shapewear pieces that won’t leave you in a sweat…

Shapewear in the summer can be a real conundrum. You want to show off your best shape for all those special events, but you also don’t want to feel like your trapped in an airtight container.

The good news is, thanks to a host of new material technology out there, finding the shapewear piece you need doesn’t mean having to travel to the ends of the internet to find. Of course, you do still have to hunt to find the best options for what you’re looking for, as not every shaper is made equal. The right support is critical, along with breathability and flexibility (no poking, pinching or bruising, thank you very much!).

So after shimming, sliding and hook/looping their way into more than a few brands out there, our intrepid Editors have come out with sixteen of their favorites. Get ready to get shapely!


Let’s start things on a light note, with Wacoal’s Hourglass Thigh Shaper. This shapewear is part of their Shape Revelation™ collection, which aims to focus on certain body types and needs. Our Editors fell in love with this moderate support shaper because it’s made for curvy girls who love a good low cut back. It sits at the natural waist, with no-slip tape bonded around the waist and back to hold it firmly in place. Seamless all around, including free-cut leg openings, this is definitely a specific use shaper, but what it is made for, it does so beautifully. Comes in black and nude and sizing from S to XXL.

Wacoal, Shape Revelation Hourglass Thigh Shaper $74

When you need strategic shaping around the waist and hips, say for a bodycon skirt or nipped-waist pants, an essential shaper brief will be your go to. This classic one from Windsor features an ample high-rise waist and a solid medium-level compression all around the stomach and hips for a sleek look underneath. Comes in black and nude and sizing from S to XL.

Windsor, Seamless Shaper Brief $16.90

Leggings, high-waist slim pants, pencil skirts and bodycon jeans are just a few examples of when wearing a thong is a much better choice than standard panties. Wouldn’t it be great though if you felt as sexy and smooth up front as you do behind? Third Love agrees, which is why they made their Form Seamless Sculpt Thong. In addition to offering a seamless look from front to back, this shapewear piece has light compression around the high-waist and stomach area. So as one of our Editors put it, ” you get all the ZPL (zero panty line) of a great thong, plus the control support of a solid shaper brief”. If that sounds pretty good to you too, grab a pair in either nude or black, in sizing from XS to 3X.

Third Love, Form Seamless Sculpt Thong $20

Finally, let’s talk a little booty. Specifically, Miraclesuit’s Sheer Rear Lifting Boy Short. With its slimming panel, it gives excellent tummy control, but the real attraction we found were the extra firm control panels that wrap around the hips and underneath the buttocks giving those cheeks a nice lift. Or, as one of our Editors put it, “it’s like I’m wearing a push up bra, but for my butt.”. The sheer construction also makes this boy short breathable and comfortable. Comes in three colors – nude, black and stucco (a dark beige) and in sizing from 4 to 18.

Miraclesuit, Sheer Shaping Waistline Rear Lifting Boy Short $47


For years when it came to liftwear, underwires were pretty much your only option. If this is still where your mind is at, allow us to show you the Liftwear Tank by Honeylove. With its use of bonded support with nylon, spandex and compression mesh, this tank has a full support, built-in bra with zero underwire, as well as a tummy smoothing front and smoothing back. Our Editors also absolutely loved the zero-show through bra cups and the firm (but not too firm) compression fit that stays in place, even when sitting for long periods of time. Comes in seven color options (white, solid black, nude, solid+sheer black, fig, navy and cinnamon) and sizing from XS to 3X.

Honeylove, Liftwear Tank $84

What’s not to love about a lightweight slub tee, or a supercute, tight cropped top? Unfortunately, for many of us, it’s how our standard bras manage to show every little side bump and back bulge. If this is you, it’s time to add Wacoal’s Ultimate Side Smoother bra to your online cart. With an innovative series of crisscross designs in the side band, this bra will instantly smooth out any bra bulge, leaving you free to show off your favorite summer tops the way they were meant to be…looking great on you!

Wacoal, Ultimate Side Smoother Underwire Bra $42

(on Sale NOW from $72)

Looking for some good tummy support without the panty part? A torsette could be your perfect answer. After testing more than a few, our Editors found Maidenform’s Flexees Dream to not only be surprisingly supportive with its non-binding, elastic free fabric, but also how well it smooths and shapes the midsection for that classic hourglass silhouette. No uncomfortable boning to deal with, and it’s moisture wicking as well. Comes in nude and black, with sizing from S to 2XL. Oh and in case it wasn’t obvious – torsette’s allow you to wear your own bra with it.

Maidenform, Flexees Dream WYOB Torsette $39.75

(on Sale NOW from $53)

Finally, even with all the smoothing in the world, if your posture is bad, every part of your look reads less than fabulous. If you’re looking to reshape your slouch, a good posture bra will be your new best friend. Our Editors like the Grace by Leading Lady. Not only is it wirefree but it has a powerful back mesh support that gently, but firmly, wraps your body to realign and disperse the weight between your breasts, back, and shoulders to create a confident posture. Soft, breathable lace and mesh won’t leave you feeling confined either. Comes in white and nude, with band sizing from 34 to 50 and in cup sizes B through DDD.

Leading Lady, Grace Wirefree Posture Back Bra $30.80

(on Sale NOW from $44)



When you need that hourglass shape with zero lines, reach for this ultra high waist short. These shaper shorts from Windsor offer a seamless look that’s easy to put on, and does what it’s intended to, all without a lot of fuss. Tummy control keeps things smooth up front while the adjustable straps allow for anyone to find just the right torso length. Comes in a light nude (ideal for those airy pastel summer dresses) as well as black, and sizing from S to XL.

Windsor, Sleek and Sculpting Full Body Shaper Shorts $19.99

Shapewear in general, and shaper shorts in particular, tend to get a bad rap as being a lot of synthetic and not a lot of natural. If you’re in the market for a shaper that delivers all the smoothing and tummy control with a lot more natural fabric in its makeup, our Editors recommend you giving the Beyond Naked Cotton Blend Hi-Waist Shaper a try. With a gusset of 100% Pima cotton, as well as 57% cotton/43% spandex body, this shaper still manages to deliver a surprising amount of moderate control and support. And of course, anyone who’s ever owned a pair of Pima sheets can tell you, it’s both super soft and breathes oh so well. Comes in nude and black, and sizing from S to 2X.

Wacoal, Beyond Naked Cotton Blend Shaping Hi-Waist Brief $52

For the times when you need serious tummy support, beyond what a typical high waist body shaper can give you, Maidenform’s Tame Your Tummy shaper doesn’t mess around. The extra wide SmoothTec waistband offers up firm control. And while it might feel more constricting that others on this list, our Editors noted the Cool Comfort moisture-wicking fabric keeps you breathing free. Comes in black and nude, with sizing from S to XXL.

Maidenform, Self Expression Tame Your Tummy High Waist Boy Short $21.99

Have your workout plans not, well…worked out so well? Hey, we get it. Between work, errands, and family, sometimes we just can’t find the time. But that doesn’t necessarily mean we have to resign ourselves to a couch potato look. Definitely not when you have a pair of Assets By Spanx Remarkable Results shapers. These high-waist construction shapers combine a series of comfortable compression areas that target the tummy, thighs, hips, and rear, to give the appearance of a more toned, athletic build. No, it’s not a replacement for weeks of power squats, but it will definitely give your look a lot more definition.

Assets by Spanx, Remarkable Results High Waist Mid-Thigh Shaper $38


Looking for an everyday shapewear body suit that gives you that look of snatched, without feeling sucked in? If so, follow the advice of our Editors and try the Shapermint Essential All Day Everyday Scoop Neck Bodysuit. Yes, the name is a mouthful, but it’s a fantastic smoothing suit. You can wear under your dress or jumpsuit, or let the top show as a tank top with pants or skirts. In addition to the lighter support, the straps and the snaps (at the bottom) are adjustable, so finding your perfect fit is easy. Comes in three color options of white, black and navy blue (our Editors’ fav) and sizing from S to 4XL.

Shapermint, Essential All Day Everyday Scoop Neck Bodysuit $21.83 (on Sale NOW from $33)

Need a shaping bodysuit that can give you full coverage support while being strapless? Our Editors say, go for Wacoal’s Red Carpet Strapless bodysuit. Not only does it offer firm, body shaping control below, the full coverage stretch foam cups are lined with medical grade silicone along the neckline and back to keep the twins supported and in place. What more could you want? How about band sizes from 34 to 40 and cup sizing from C all the way up to G. Comes in two color options – black and nude.

Wacoal, Red Carpet Strapless Shaping Body Briefer $132

Okay, let’s say you need to go for maximum support, with strategic compression in your trouble spots, plus a seamless look and you need it be breathable + comfy to boot? It’s time for Honeylove’s Mid-Thigh Bodysuit. As the site explains, “Targeted X compression sculpts your midsection, a built-in bra lifts without underwire, and power mesh smooths your thighs. Smoothing fabric eliminates back bulge.” Our Editors’ take? It does all that, and with its Nylon/Spandex compression mesh panel, there’s plenty of breathing room. Comes in three color options: all black, all nude and Runway (which is a mix of solid black/sheer black, as shown below). Sizing starts at XS and goes all the way up to 3X.

Honeylove, Mid-Thigh Bodysuit $129

Finally, are you eyeing that fabulous bodycon dress…you know, the one with the deep plunge front? Wondering how you’ll manage to show off your daring cleavage while managing to show off that smooth hourglass silhouette? Wonder no more, because Spanx has already created your solution. The Suit Your Fancy Plunge mid-thigh bodysuit has all the contouring and tummy-tucking you crave, along with a bold, deep plunge support bra built right in. Comes in nude and black, with sizing from S to L. Oh, and for the record, it’ll also look just as good under that plunging knit jumpsuit as well.

Spanx, Suit Your Fancy Plunging Mid-Thigh Bodysuit $226.80

Well, that’s our list! We hope you found an item (or three) that you liked. Whether you’re looking for a smoother look or just a little body sculpting, adding a piece of shapewear to your wardrobe rotation can be a great confidence boost for a special occasion, or just your everyday look!

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