Top 10 Leather Tote Bags For Women

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Totes are functional women’s shoulder handbags that never go out of style. These over sized handbags are stylish. They are good office accessories and excellent companions for women who like traveling with their makeup sets, phones, and purses in one bag. Although many leather tote bags sell for a few dollars on the Web, here are the top 10 best models you should consider buying:


10. Hynes Eagle Leather Serpentine Pattern Tote Handbag


If you are on the market for a leather tote bag and want a well-designed model that will serve you for long, this Serpent-patterned Hynes Eagle tote handbag is one of the best in 2017. The synthetic leather used to manufacture it durable. Its finishing is excellent. Its zippered compartments are perfect for storing pricey possessions such as phones and makeup sets, while its elegant stitches and good quality hardware accessories make it a perfect everyday handbag.


9. Heshe New Women’s Leather Tote Handbag


This edition of the renowned Heshe line of leather tote handbags is a well-built shoulder model, with aesthetic casual crocodile prints. The compound cowhide leather used to manufacture it is durable. It is also light (weighs 1.5 pounds), portable, and has several built-in compartments for storing personal items such as phones, identity cards, jewelry, business cards, and even purses. This bag is stylish. It has zippered closures that offer maximum protection.


8. Beaute Bags Rockstud Trapeze Double Handle Shoulder Tote Bag


For those that are looking for a stylish fashion-forward tote bag that is suitable for both casual and official usage, this double handle Rockstud Trapeze Tote bag is among the best. For a few dollars, you get a high-capacity shoulder bag made of 100% genuine leather. Its signature gold framing is aesthetic, while its extended flip lock and zip closures will keep your valuables safe when commuting to work or to your friend’s place. Its rolled tote handles are comfortable. Its detachable shoulder strap works well.


7. Leah Lerner Italian Leather Women Tote Bag


Designed by the legendary Leah Lerner house of fashion, this Tote handbag is stylish and made of 100% genuine leather. This material is durable. It is also smooth, shiny, light, and fitted with a functional top flip magnet closure that keeps user’s valuables safe. This bag is 15.75 x 0.5 x 12-inches, unlined, and has a well-built 9.5-inch shoulder strap.


6. Beaute Bags Chain Border Tote Handbag

Chain Boarder Tote Handbag by Beaute Bags is an aesthetic fold over bag made of vegan friendly leather. It has a 9-inch shoulder strap. It also has two interior pockets for storing cell phones, a dust bag, and zippered 8 x 5.5-inch deep slot pockets that are very useful when out shopping. Its light chains enhance its beauty, while its plethora of slot pockets boost its functionality significantly.


5. HOBO Vintage Patti Tote Handbag

Since its launch in 1990, HOBO International has produced some of the bestselling tote handbags in the market. This HOBO Vintage Patti model, for instance, is popular in many top 10 leather tote bags for women reviews 2016 mainly because of its durable 100% leather. The material is also aesthetic and has a smooth polyester lining that protects possessions from scratches. At 9.5-inches high and 11-inches wide, this bag is ample sized. You can use it for work and or traveling


4. Violett-DELUKA Leather Python Shopper Tote handbag


Violett-DELUKA is a Korean-made tote handbag that is attainable cheaply on the Internet. It is 13 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 16 inches high; has several convenient storage compartments; and is attainable in many attractive colors in many reputable web stores. Its genuine leather is not only durable, but also polished to perfection.


3. Hynes Eagle New Arrival Woven Pattern Leather Tote Handbag


This leather tote handbag is a simple yet elegant accessory made of quality faux leather. It has a detachable rose adorn. Its woven pattern is elegant, while the fitted zipper closure protects valuables well. Even though feminine, this bag is very durable.


2. Rebecca Minkoff Mab Mini Cross-Body Tote Handbag

Rebecca Minkoff is a mini cross-body handbag made of 100% cowhide leather. Its cotton lining is soft and breathable. Its durable magnetic closure’s strap never fails when it is in use. This bag has a large slip interior and exterior pocket. It has a 23-inch shoulder drop, a removable 45.5-inch shoulder strap, and quality hardware fitting.


1. Avber PU Leather Women’s Tote Shoulder Handbag

Avber is a bright women’s tote shoulder handbag made of quality PU leather. It has quality hardware. Its zippered closures work well, while its removable shoulder strap makes it one of the most convenient models in 2016. It is durable and good for office use.

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