These Aquatalia Boots Were Made For Walking…Seriously!

Calling someone a ‘real heel’ isn’t necessarily an insult anymore. With winter streets and sidewalks turning asphalt into impromptu skating rinks, a gal can use all the help she can get safely navigating from point A to B. The downside to this, is that most of the time that means wearing something on your feet that vaguely resembling expedition wear.

Enter our fashionable friends at Aquatalia with their full line of AQ 24/7 shoes and boots. Combining technology with chic shapes, this footwear line delivers solid, grippy soles outside and cushy comfort inside for keeping you on your feet (wait for it) inside and out, 24/7 (see what they did there?).

Our Editors eagerly jumped at the opportunity to review the entire collection. We asked them to find and share with you their 7 Fast Favorites. Oh, and just in case the concept of wearing something luxe-looking while walking on Winter’s unsteady ground wasn’t enough – Aquatalia has these beauties on Sale right NOW!

No need to watch your step…let’s have a look!

Aquatalia, Mariel Boot in Chocolate $405 (On Sale NOW from $675)

Think a pointed-toe boot can’t be all day comfortable? Then meet the Mariel. Weatherproof suede and rubber sole outside keeps you confident through snow and slush, while the cushioned heel inside provides much needed comfort. Comes in two color options (including Black) but we’re really gravitating towards the rich brown option that really shows off the fun detailing around the ankle area. Dress it up or down, it looks right at home over skinny jeans as it does from under a fab midi skirt.

Aquatalia, Nastasia in Nude $238 (On Sale NOW from $595)

Don’t let the sweet satin look fool you. With its rubber flex sole and stretch outside material, you can kick it up in these for hours in comfort. Soft neoprene lining inside plus cushioned soles keep your feet feeling like you’re walking on pink fluffy clouds.

Aquatalia, Miriam in Merlot $140 (On Sale NOW from $350)

Looking for a party pump that you don’t have to swap out for another pair once you hit the threshold? Gorgeous merlot colored and with just a bit of gunmetal bling, the Miriam come with sidewalk gripping rubber sole and (ta-da!) is weatherproof. So bring on the party invites and leave the spare pair of street shoes at home.

Aquatalia, Marilisa in White $210 (On Sale NOW from $525)

This season is big on texture, and this chic bootie delivers that in spades. Worries about wearing winter white? This beauty is treated to be weatherproof. Rubber soles outside keep you steady on your feet while the cushioned padding inside will have you firmly in love with these all day long.

Aquatalia, Pilara in Black $275

While we adore the look of ballet flats, with Winter’s icy sidewalks, wearing them feels less like you’re in Swan lake and more like Disney on Ice. Not so with these. Thick rubber soles keep things grippy while inside cushioning and flex sole keep you as light on your feet as a dancer.

Aquatalia, Peony in Leopard $180 (On Sale NOW from 450)

Take a (comfortable) walk on the wild side with these faux leopard print. The stacked heel is the perfect complement for this season’s selections of wide leg office trousers. The almond toe gives your feet a little more wiggle room while the rubber flex sole and injected comfort pod will make sure every step is your best foot forward.

Aquatalia, Prudence in Black $220 (On Sale NOW from $550)

If there is one staple piece every gal needs in her wardrobe, it’s a solid, comfortable bootie. The Prudence is weatherproof on the outside and cushioned comfort on the inside. The rubber flex sole gives you excellent grip in all seasons. Luxe Italian leather makes it so very versatile, you may find the rest of the shoes in your closet getting really lonely.

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