Stack ’em Up! – Jewelry Stacking Combos You Simply Can’t Resist…

Stacking isn’t just a great way to show off several favorite items of jewelry at once, it’s a fantastic way to express yourself. Just like mix-and-matching patterns and prints with your clothing, a great jewelry stack can really showcase your entire outfit. Are you a delicate stacker with an elegant touch? An experienced alchemist who loves to mix your metals? Or maybe you’re a bold bling’er for whom one statement piece is never enough?

Whatever your look-of-the-moment calls for, there are a few good guidelines to follow that will have you putting pieces together like a pro. And when it comes to stacking pros, we went straight to one of our editors favorite stores – Baublebar. It’s a one-stop shop with a range of casual, to playful, to fine jewelry, which made for one difficult task in choosing our stacking favorites. Not to mention they’ve got a tremendous deal going right now, made just for the stacking lover in you with 20% Off 2+ Bracelets. Just use the code STACKING 20 when you check out.

So are you ready to get stacking?


Let’s start with the most popular stacking trend happening right now – necklaces. This trend is so popular that stores are even selling pre-made sets. Those can be a good option for beginners, but we’re pretty sure once you start learning to stack your own, you’ll quickly fall in love with the freedom you get from being able to use and reuse your favorite pieces.

So a few ways to ensure a good necklace stack? Start with a focal point, such as a really interesting pendant, then remember to follow the rule of odds. Don’t know that one? Well, basically it means that when it comes to putting a number of items together, odd numbers tend to be more aesthetically pleasing to our eyes than even. That means when you’re stacking, it’s good to start with three, then move to five, seven, etc, etc.

Here’s an example that’s a favorite of ours that shows off a brilliant match of chunky, delicate and color…

From Left to Right:


If you prefer the motto “it’s all in the wrist” then learning to stack bracelets should get your attention. One of the best rule of thumb to follow when stacking your bracelets is variety in shape, but similarity in size. Pair up solid bangles with tennis and chain styles. Switch up the materials and most importantly, don’t be afraid to combo your stones with your metals. When it comes to stacking bracelets, the more the merrier.

Here’s a fantastic example. There are ten, count ’em ten bracelets here. Yet the stack looks well-balanced because while the type of bracelets are completely different from each other, visually they appear similar in size. Note that #1 and #2 are both tinier bracelets, but because they have been stacked right next to each other our eyes accept them as if they were a conjoined pair. It’s also for that reason that having an even number versus odd works with this look…our brains count those two as one, thus in our head we think of this as nine bracelets. Pretty cool, right?

From Left to Right (on the wrist):


Truth be told, at SLH we highkey adore a good ring stacking. Maybe it’s because for so many seasons before us the standard procedure was one of forced restraint. Doorknocker cocktail rings, massive modern resin rings and even the 2-finger span rings were all limited to one per hand, thank you very much. The stacking that did happen was usually with delicate layers only, same metal and occasionally tiny stones. Maybe a pinky or midi ring would sneak its way onto another finger, but that was about it.

Fast forward to now, and frankly we couldn’t be happier to see that stacking chunkier rings together, on not one but multiple fingers, is majorly trending. Bold stones, mixed metals, even mixed materials are free to intermingle…with so many options right now it could be overwhelming. We recommend starting off with similar guidelines as bracelet stacking. Bringing in different styles, shapes and materials will be easy when they stay within the same general size. Once you’ve achieved a good comfort level with that, you can start introducing some ‘rule-breakers’…like a single oversized stone ring on your middle finger, surrounded by smaller (but still chunky) rings. Even wearing one on each finger is completely fair game, though a big rule here is definitely do not sacrifice comfort for fashion.

Here’s a striking example that would work for both casual and dressy looks. You’ll notice that the rule of odds are not being followed in terms of number of jewelry items. Oh well. However the stacks are cleverly placed on every other finger, and that staggered effect plus the similar size of the rings, creates an overall pleasing look.

From Left to Right (numbered in picture):


Unlike with the jewelry stacks we’ve covered so far, earring stacking can be a limited game. Often it depends on the number of piercings you have available. But this isn’t always the case. Like temporary hair color, items like huggies and cuffs can let you experiment with dramatic looks without having to commit to something you may not be comfortable with.

With this in mind, we thought it would be fun to show how stacking earrings can be done with single, double and multiple piercings. Creating a curated look with multiple earrings is very similar to the guidelines for stacking your necklaces. With necklaces you start with a pendant. With earrings you start with a bold hoop. From there, some like to add a little sparkle, then maybe a textured piece and finally something whimsical.

Here’s a great example of taking a single piercing and making it extra with just two awesome cuffs – one around the orbital (aka the middle ear area) and one on the helix (aka the upper ear fold).

From Left to Right:

Here’s for our double lobe piercing ladies (which is the second most common after single lobe). This example is an exercise is creating interest through texture. Starting with a waggish, smiling sun stud which immediately sets the tone of this set towards the playful side. The “burst” theme is cleverly echoed in the tiny but mighty stone and gold circle stud (there’s actually 19 diamonds in that little fellow!). Last, a couple of luxe looking pearl and gold cuffs take this look to next level. Wear one on each side or double them up on a single lobe (as shown here). The repetition of shape creates a harmonious (and super cute) look all around.

From Left to Right:

If you have multi piercings, you have loads of options, from whimsical stud combinations to multiple hoops. But why stop there? This elegant combo immediately got our attention with its play of negative space and fresh take on mixing chains and bars. Keeping the metals and stones in the same family creates a gorgeous unity for the eye to follow from top to drop.

From Left to Right:


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