Our Fast 5 Favorites from Honeylove’s Best Sellers

It’s nice to be appreciated. That’s especially true when it comes from a brand that really listens to their customer. Since 2018, Honeylove has been proving to the world that comfort and support are not mutually exclusive things.

From their body-positive branding, to their innovative designs that are both versatile and durable, there’s so much to love about Honeylove.

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So if you haven’t tried them yet, our Editors are sharing with you their five absolute favorites (that also happen to be best sellers…go figure!).

#5 – The CrossOver Bra

Ladies, you’ve been lied to. The myth that a supportive bra needs to have underwire is wrong. And we have the proof. The CrossOver bra is 100% underwire free. Using a series of bonded supports, that lift and separate, but do not jab at you, this bra achieves the same level of control as your extra support bra. Comes in sizing from XS all the way up to 3X. Oh, and it also has plenty of peekaboo mesh that makes it just so sexy.

Honeylove, CrossOver Bra $69

#4 – The SuperPower Short

When EDM artist Betsie Larkin went searching for quality shapewear that was stage worthy (as in, makes you look amazing but also lets you perform) she found so much disappointment, she started her own company. And that’s how Honeylove came to be. It’s also where we found one of our Editor’s Choice garments for shapewear. The SuperPower short has a series of crisscross powermesh that when combined creates targeted compression points that smooth and contours your stomach, hips and legs miraculously without making you feel like you’re trapped in a toothpaste tube. This short comes in six lovely shades and in sizing from XS to 3X (if you’re not sure about your sizing, they have a quick quiz that can help).

Honeylove, SuperPower Short $89

#3 – The LiftWear Cami

That targeted mesh support can come in handy in so many ways. Case in point, our next favorite, the LiftWear cami. There are plenty of companies that sell built-in bra camis. Perhaps too many, because oftentimes the result is a light tank bra sewn in, with either little to no actual support, or if it does support, results in the dreaded uni-boob situation. Neither of those issues will happen with the LiftWear cami. First off, the bra portion is fully supportive and comes in sizing from XS to 3X, so you’ll always have a great fit. But in addition to bra support, you also get plenty of slimming and smoothing support through the torso. Oh, and we love the bottom band that won’t ride up, even while sitting.

Honeylove, LiftWear Cami $84

#2 – The Silhouette Brief

There are times when you’re not looking for full-on shapewear support. For those times when you want a little shape while still feeling free to move, the Silhouette brief is what you should reach for. Made with high recovery stretch that moves and breathes with you, this brief also adds 3D printed velvet piping to give support and style. Comes in ten lovely colors, though our favorite is the sexy and chic fig.

Honeylove, Silhouette Brief $39

#1 – The InnerPower Sleeveless Dress

And for our number one favorite, this crepe knit fabric dress will make you feel like a million bucks. Perfect for night and day, and definitely a no brainer to add to your vacation wardrobe. This dress has powerful built-in shaping panels that do the work of shapewear without the extra layer. The shirring flatters the waist and abdomen, and keeps everything smooth, secure and in place. This is your next level LBD.

Honeylove, InnerPower Sleeveless Dress $189

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