IYKYK: The 15 Must Have Best Sellers for 2023 from Mott & Bow

Since 2014, Mott & Bow has been turning the “price-to-quality paradigm” upside down by delivering premium jeans at a fair price. But the story of this brand goes back further. Much further. You could say founder Alejandro Chahin has jeans in his genes. Growing up in Honduras, into a family of denim manufacturers, Alejandro was already learning to master the fine art of premium jean making at an early age.

So it’s no surprise that after finishing college, he answered the siren song of New York, and moved there with the dream of starting his own company. Soaking in the cool, casual style of New York’s NoHo neighborhood, Alejandro founded Mott & Bow (loving named after the two major neighborhood streets of Mott and Bowery).

Soon enough, customers fell in love with the brand. What sets it apart? The brand’s mission is truly focused on making premium products at a reasonable price. That means using quality materials, hiring and keeping great artisans that are hands-on throughout the entire manufacturing process, and going to market with a price point that doesn’t include a litany of mark up. And by keeping the process inhouse, the brand reduces the unnecessary waste that plagues much of the fashion world…something we can all get behind.

What do our editors think of this brand? They’ve tested, worn and washed several Mott & Bow items, and came away with their fifteen absolute favorites that are sure to be yours as well. Shall we get to shopping?


Let’s start with the one that hit it out of the park for us. The Slim Boyfriend Laight Jeans in dark blue is one of the best everyday jeans we’ve tried. This medium weight jean has a modern, fitted silhouette that lends itself to, well, just about anything your day requires. One editor stated “I wore these on a four hour flight, got to my hotel, swapped out my sneakers and hoodie for a blazer and heels, and went straight to a business meeting without skipping a beat. These were so perfect, I didn’t want to take them off! I wore them out later for happy hour with a cute top. I literally wore them for three totally different social situations and all I changed was my top and accessories.”

Another great comment came from one of our accessories editors – “I’ve always been a curvy girl, and now as a mother of two, finding a good pair of jeans that shows off my shape (without the dreaded ‘tummy bulge’) is a real challenge. I tried on the 32” and was genuinely surprised at how immediately comfortable they were, and how good I looked in them. To be honest, I was nervous about washing them [laughing] because, you know, so many times you think you’ve found *the* pair and then after one wash, you’re squeezing your way into them, feeling miserable. That did not happen. I put them on and then wore them for a weekend hike with my kids. Definitely getting more pairs of these.”

Mott & Bow, Slim Boyfriend Laight Jeans $96



Did you think we were just talking about jeans? Taking all the love and craft the brand has for their amazing denim, Mott & Bow has extended their ‘premium at a fair price’ model to other staple pieces. Including our next editor choice favorite – the fitted V-neck Marcy tee. Coming in thirteen color options, this fitted tee is silky soft and preshrunk (so it fits and stays that way). Our apparels head editor said it best with her review – “First off, I’m a bit of a clean freak. I never wear an item twice without washing. Tees are a litmus test for me, and this one really impressed me. Not only was their white tee super soft and true to size out of the box, it stayed that way, even after multiple washes in hot with bleach (because again, clean freak). This tee is pretty amazing and I’m seriously looking to get one in every color.”

Another great comment from one of our other apparel editors – “I love a tee that’s really fitted. The medium was a bit snug, but that’s how I like it (my fellow 36-ers should probably order the large though). Being preshrunk was great because I don’t have to worry that it’ll get too tight. Being fitted, it really shows off my small waist. The one thing I never want to show off though, is my bra. No see through issues here, despite being a lighter tee. Also, I really appreciate that they offer both a ‘standard’ white and a creamier white option, which the latter goes so much better with my olive skin.”

Mott & Bow, Fitted V-Neck Marcy Tee $35


There are plenty of jeans out there that offer your booty a lift. Most of them include incorporating all sorts of shapewear elements in them that have you looking great, but feeling pretty uncomfortable. If that’s not your style, we recommend giving the High Rise Skinny Moore jeans a try. The high waist helps cinch in your waist while the 35% stretch factor mixed into this medium weight denim smooths your front and gives you legs for days. Additionally, the placement of the pockets is key, and sits up, ending right above where your buttocks meet your leg. All combined, this skinny creates a beautiful silhouette that shows off your assets, without making you feel pinched in.

Mott & Bow, High Rise Skinny Moore Jeans $118



Are you a gal who’s always on the go? Maybe you bike to work, or are a public trans power commuter, or a student with a heavy class load that has you walking cross-campus every day. Living the active lifestyle shouldn’t mean having to compromise your fashion style. The Mid Rise Skinny Beekman has a traditional heavier denim weight with a great secret weapon – it’s loaded with stretch. When you move, it won’t get in your way. But unlike some other big stretch jeans, it’s mixed Elastane also keeps its shape. So no weird knee-sagging or unwelcome waist gap here!

Mott & Bow, Mid Rise Skinny Beekman $108



Ah, spring. That time of year when we’re teased with warm, sunny days…which swing back to cold and gray when we least expect it. These are the days where having a quality cashmere sweater in your arsenal really counts. No, seriously. Why, you ask? Because cashmere is one of those magical materials that keeps your body temperature stable. A natural material, it’s lightweight and breathable (as in, great for warmer days) but is also maintains body warmth when the temp starts to dip. Mott & Bow’s cashmere sweater is made from 100% Mongolian cashmere, which is one of the highest grades out there. Super soft and pill resistant (bonus!) you’ll wear this piece for many springs to come.

Mott & Bow, Cashmere Raglan Crew Cambridge Sweater $149



As with so many ‘return of the aughts’ trends that have exploded on the scene this year, here’s another you can add to your book. Faded gray jeans are having a serious moment for S/S 23. Pair these Slim Boyfriend Allen Jeans with your favorite chunky mary janes or cuff them up with some airy balletcore flats. Either way the hand-applied fading (no kidding!) gives each pair a totally unique wear that looks like you’ve had them for years.

Mott & Bow, Slim Boyfriend Allen Jean in Gray $118


If your motto is “go green or go home” then the Slim Boyfriend Grand is your new BFF. Cut from premium quality, 100% organic cotton that’s made from absolutely zero chemicals, this modern boyfriend cut jean is also hypoallergenic and odor-free. With plenty of good stretch to keep you comfy, we’re particularly fond of the light blue which is very fresh for S/S 2023.

Mott & Bow, Slim Boyfriend Grand Jeans $149



We love faded jeans, except when we don’t want them to. Black jeans are notorious for losing their staying power, sometimes after just a few washes. So if you want a jean that’s going to stay deliciously dark, get technology on your side. The High Rise Skinny Bond jean has fade resistant technology in the fabric that keeps the color true and that deep dark black present wash after wash.

Mott & Bow, High Rise Skinny Bond Jeans $128



Nothing says spring/summer like a white jean. Sure, we can wear them in the cooler months, but as the days get longer, white jeans find there way into seriously regular rotation. That said, it can be tough to find a pair that’s lightweight without being see-through. Enter the Slim Boyfriend Mercer in Bone. Made of twill denim, it’s a light fabric, and comes with a good amount of stretch to keep you comfortable. One thing it won’t do is show off your business.

Mott & Bow, Slim Boyfriend Mercer in Bone $108



Settling into the “new” normal gave us all a renewed appreciation for feeling comfortable. And many of us are not ready to give that up anytime soon. That said, there are plenty of options out there that look comfy but because they’re made with lower quality fabrics and machine constructed silhouettes produced in bulk. they leave us feeling less than…well, comfortable. Not so with Mott & Bow’s soft french terry sweatshirt. Casual but elevated, it’s pre-washed to achieve a slip-on-and-snuggle-in feel. Hand-brushed and made with 100% Peruvian cotton, welcome to your new favorite off-duty BFF.

Mott & Bow, The French Terry Sweatshirt $39

(on Sale NOW from $79)



It’s been described as a polarizing trend. Okay maybe not as polarizing as, say, Crocs and socks, but still, when it comes to the raw hem trend, you either love it or…not so much. If you do love it, the Mid Rise Skinny Jane jean is definitely for you. Dark blue with just a touch of hand scraped fading, and of course, that unfinished raw hem makes these impossible to resist.

Mott & Bow, Mid Rise Skinny Jane Jeans w/Raw Hem $108



Not satisfied with just a raw hem? The distressed look isn’t new, but unlike previous seasons when it was mostly relegated to skinnies, the new trend interpretation is letting loose (pun intended). Unabashedly distressed with a boyfriend fit, the John Jean comes in a dark gray wash and cropped fit. And because, as with all Mott & Bow jeans, the manipulation of the materials are done by hand, you can rest assured that each faded tear is unique to just you.

Mott & Bow, Slim Boyfriend John Jeans $38

(on Sale NOW from $96)



There’s something authentic about a good mom jean. High rise, full hip and a nice heavy weight fabric. The Hubert has all that and more, including just a bit of stretch and a traditional leg opening (as in 11.5″). Perfect in a light blue hue, this jean looks like it came straight out of your mom’s closet (without having to borrow it).

Mott & Bow, Mom Hubert Jean $118



You’ve already read our editors review of the Laight, but if you are a serious traveler who’s packing on the travel miles, we recommend the Mid Rise Skinny Jane. Why? Because this super comfy skinny is a power house of stretch, with 45% stretch factor (making it one of the most stretchy jeans they offer). With a healthy dose of Tencel cotton, this light hued lovely can go head to head with your favorite leggings.

Mott & Bow, Mid Rise Skinny Jane Jean $108



This fun, asymmetrical style has found a place in many a gal’s heart. If you count yourself among them, the Carmine will serve you very well. The skinny silhouette draws the eye right down to your high low hem, so you can show it off in your favorite strappy sandal or preppy loafer. The back pockets are positioned to give your booty just a bit of lift, which just adds to the frolicky fun of this jean’s look.

Mott & Bow, High Rise Skinny Carmine Jeans $76.80

(on Sale NOW from $96)

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