Jewelry With Purpose – Gifts That Give Back

-SLH West Coast Fashion Editor:

Check out any Top 10 list for gifts and you’ll find jewelry right up there at the top. Who doesn’t love a great earring or trendy necklace? Or what about a fun bracelet? Even the tricky-to-find-that-person’s-size ring gift (non-engagement aside) is a playful and easy way to show you care.

At SLH, we love all that glitters, but this year we wanted to help make your gift-giving even more special. We’ve combed through our favorite sites and created a list of awesome jewelry that’s on trend and fun, but even more – this jewelry has a purpose. Each piece carries a story with it, and in purchasing it, impacts a life. Here’s our editor’s picks which we hope you will consider:

Necklaces – Out of 150 of readers polled, we found almost half chose necklaces as their number one favorite piece of jewelry to receive.

Shop This Look : Giving Keys Mini Key Necklace, Porcupine Beaded Fringe Necklace, Peace is the Bomb Jewelgram Necklace

Earrings – Nora Roberts once said about earrings – “You can never have too many.” Well, Nora, we applaud your enthusiasm over these little baubles. Here’s a few we think would be welcome in someone’s collection.

Shop This Look : Wave Ear Cuffs, Earthly Elements Pyrite Veil Earrings, Imagine Clean Water Earrings

Bracelets – If there’s one thing Wonder Woman doesn’t leave home without, it’s her bracelets. And while we weren’t able to find any actual Amazon-Warrior forged ones, we think these are magic enough

Shop This Look : Michelangelo Libyan Sibyl Bangle, FEED 5 Bracelet, Branded Collective Signature Cuff

Rings – Okay, we’ll admit that rings can be tricky. But if you’re clever enough to suss out your friend or loved one’s size, it’s an absolutely lovely gift. And if not, we’ve included one with a little built in ‘wiggle-room’ as well 🙂

Shop This Look : Aria Ring, Diamond Medallion Signet Ring, Unicef Wood and 950 Silver Band


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