Falling Softly: Quiet Luxury for Autumn

The ‘stealth wealth’ look, aka Quiet Luxury, has been all over summer. So no surprise as we head into the cool months it’s still going strong. We have ten mainstays for you to rotate this trend into your autumn looks.

Dynamic and ever-evolving, fashion is driven by a combination of cultural and societal factors. Case in point, one of this year’s prodigious trends – Quiet Luxury. It’s contrast to ostentatious fashion started in the pandemic and post-pandemic “leisure-as-the-new-normal”, then followed by a (not so) subtle push back on “logomania”, and a healthy dash of aughties nostalgia.

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For many of us, our summer wardrobes have included understated, subtle, and discreet rather than flashy or overt. Well-tailored linen shorts, minimalist midi dresses and an overall neutral color palette has been the mainstay.

Now as we head into the autumnal months, a new rotation of refined and sophisticated pieces have an opportunity to showcase in our wardrobe. Here at SLHer, our Editors have been busy gathering some of their favorite high-quality, good craftsmanship, and timeless design pieces that are ready for you to add.

And because we know that every budget is different, we’ve included three versions of each piece at a low, medium and luxe price point.


Regardless of season, really, a pair of classic cat eye sunglasses are an absolute staple for a quiet luxury wardrobe. For nearly a hundred years (no cap, they were invented in the 1930s!) this black frame beauty, with its upturned framing around the eye, has been synonymous with Hollywood icons and glamorous starlets alike. And while every decade adds changes here and there, the classic to look for includes: a thick, glossy frame in black, polarized smoky black lenses, and a smooth rounded angle that hits its apex midway between the temples and the top of the forehead.

Blenders Eyewear, Presley in Polished Gal $35

(on Sale NOW from $59)

Versace, Black Cat Eye Sunglasses $179.99

Tiffany & Co Eyewear, Cat-Eye Sunglasses $412



Wearing white pants in general tends to elevate any look, but there is something about the right tone of a creamy or ivory pant that transforms you from *nicely* dressed to mondaine level. Of course adding a drapey, but tailored fit only enhances the sophistication, even if you’re pairing it with something as casual as a plain tank and some pristine sneaks.

Sugarlips, Rica Suave Wide Leg Trousers $75

Summersalt, The Classic Pleat Straight Leg Pant $95

Sachin & Babi, The June Pants in Ivory $395



If you haven’t already invested in the summer’s runaway hit, don’t fret. The ballet flat is still going strong into autumn as a must have. There are a lot of options out there, but to truly inspire the quiet luxury feel, choose a chic material or unexpected fabric that will set your flats apart from all the ‘expected’ fellows around you.

Cato, Tear Mesh Trim Ballet Flats $19.99

M. Gemi, The Danza $298

Mansur Gavriel, Dream Ballerina $445



After years of relegation to the thrift store racks, this old-school favorite is back in a big way. Summertime had us wearing it mostly as a stand alone top, (which of course is still completely acceptable) but as we head into the cooler months, pairing this as a layering item will continue to keep you stylish…and your arms a lot warmer.

Amaryllis, Green & Beige Zigzag Sweater Vest $23.99

Vince, Tuck Stitch Vest $114.99

Pringle of Scotland, Argyle Heritage Sweater Vest $257



It’s been called the subtle bag, the anti-it bag, and of course, the quiet bag. No conspicuous labels, no multi-colored monogramming or flamboyant designs. What the quiet bag does have is subtle details, high attention to craftsmanship and well thought-out materials.

Cato, Scalloped Whipstitch Satchel $44.99

TOUS, Beige and Khaki Nanda Shoulder Bag $124

(on Sale NOW from $249)

Dolce & Gabbana, Kim Small Sicily Shoulder Bag $1,945



Apologies to last season’s boxy oversized blazers, but your time in the back of the closet has come (at least for now). The waist defining, cinched blazer has all but taken over the feeds, and absolutely this item should be part of your quiet luxury wardrobe.

Love, Bonito, Kalia Classic Tailored Blazer $69

Boston Proper, Beyond Travel Classic Boyfriend Blazer $119.50

Diane von Furstenberg, Salzburg Jacket $628



Like the creamy, drapey pant, a minimal and clean maxi turns a standard or casual top into something alluring and polished. As for material, this season is giving us free reign, from wool to silk. The only absolute is the tailoring must be impeccable.

Versona, Box of Chocolates Maxi Skirt $39.99

The Kooples, Viscose Long Skirt $86

(on Sale NOW from $215)

Lesyanebo, Front Slit Straight Skirt $394

(on Sale NOW from $786)



This item isn’t limited to just quiet luxury, of course. But the QL version insists on a clean and sleek look, so no holes, rips or shredding. Color can be variable (they ARE denim after all!) but classic blue is the preferred.

Target, Universal Thread High Rise Wide Leg Jeans $36

Universal Standard, Carrie High Rise Wide Leg Jeans $138

Paige, Leenah Narrative $259



With all this tailoring going around, it’s no surprise the button up is on the rise. Whether tucked into a trouser or tied at the waist around your midi skirt, this staple piece brings the whole look together. Talk about a closet classic!

Target, A New Day Long Sleeve Button Up Shirt $25

Modern Citizen, Ash Striped Button Up Shirt $41.99

(on Sale NOW from $108)

Forte Forte, Button Up Shirt $225

(on Sale NOW from $375)



Because it A/W we are heading into after all. And while the puffy coat continues its world domination, for the quiet luxury look, you’re going to want to rotate in a long coat. It goes oh-so-well with everything from your baggy jeans to your tailored skirts and instantly turns your outerwear game to boss level chic.

Alpine Swiss, Wool Double Breast Trench Coat $49.99


Cinzia Rocca, Icons Wool Coat $699.99

Miu Miu, Single Breasted Virgin Wool Coat $4, 400


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