Covid Couture – Why Colorful Masks Are The New Must Haves

It’s a national clothing debate on a scale we haven’t seen since “is it blue or black?”. After weeks of back-and-forth on the issue, the CDC has finally solidified it’s stand on whether people venturing outside should or should not wear a mask or facial covering of some kind.

Final Answer…Yes.

Lots of caveats and disclaimers came along with this acquiescence. Any mask from materials of a non-PPE grade level will not give the same level of protection as medical. The looser the seal around the nose and mouth, the less effective it will be. Tighter knits of fabric are (generally) better than others. And so on…

But ultimately, the reason to wear a mask when interacting with others outside isn’t about you. It’s more altruistic than that…it’s about protecting others from potential contagion. People like extended family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances, and total strangers. Wearing a mask works to keep asymptomatic individuals from exposing others. We still can’t say for sure what the definitive Asym averages are, but the numbers are pretty staggering and range from 57% (based on outbreaks in Washington State) to an astonishing 70% (based on current figures of China’s outbreak to date).

This is why we shelter in place. This is why we wash our hands, and as of now, why we should wear a mask.

So if the new normal includes having to hide half our face, does that mean we’re relegated to boring? OHN, ladies. Here at SLH we’re bringing a little fashion back into our lives, and we’re going to start with super cute options that’ll have you smiling under something absolutely fabulous!


Calling all Stacey Bendet fans! The genius folks over at Alice and Olivia are offering up a little couture with your protection, in the form of the fashion house’s most famous of icons – Staceface. And don’t think this mask is just another pretty face – for every mask sold, A + O are sending a donated mask to communities in need.

Alice and Olivia, Staceface Protective Face Mask $10.00


Sadly most of this year’s Festivals, Concerts and Comic Cons have been cancelled and postponed. No reason though that we can’t share our own little take on festival fun. Hit the streets in a comic punch of wearable art with this double cotton layered, antimicrobial lined mask. Comes in 3 size options for a great fit, and it cinch ties around the back of the head (so zero pull on your ears).

Freedom Rave Wear, Nusa Dua Face Mask $27


Meet your new LBD. This mask is made with 2 layers of 100% cotton and includes a slip-in carbon filter. One filter is good for 7 days, and replacements can be purchased from the site as well. 15% of the profits of getting one of these masks will go directly to the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 fund.

ShopVida, Carbon Filter Protection Mask $10.00


There’s a few staffers here at ShopLikeHer that are avid morning/evening runners. Finding this mask by Freedom Rave Wear really got our attention. Not only does this mask breathe well, it is also machine washable, comes with optional antimicrobial liner and has a fun abstract pattern with lines that are super night-reflective. As one staffer puts it “Less cars on the road doesn’t always mean safer. I like having another piece of reflective gear keeping me safe, while I’m keep others a little safer around me!”

Freedom Rave Wear, Lucent Reflective Face Mask $27



Made in America from post consumer plastic bottles, this Tri-blend cloth face mask covers around the face with a thick, single elastic in the back. We love the bright purple, but it also comes in 8 other color options too.

Royal Apparel, Eco Triblend Face Mask $14.99


If you love the element of surprise and delight that you get from your beauty boxes, Matrushka is taking 100% cotton scraps from their studio and creating non-medical grade masks. Each mask will be totally unique but rest assured they’re made of the same amazing and playful fabric designs Matrushka is known for. Additionally for each purchase made, they are creating and donating mask to VA hospital employees, service park rangers and other essential service workers. Each mask is 3 layers of 100% cotton fabric. Elastic straps go around the ear, and every mask is completely machine washable and can be tossed in the dryer as well.

Matrushka, 3-Layer Scrap Fabric Mask $10

Whether you’re craving a little color pop, or wanting to elevate the mundane, or just looking for something to make others smile (hopefully under their own masks, of course) – we here at SLH say, BE SAFE, and if you must go out – take all necessary precautions. Together we’ll help each other get through this.

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