Best for the Blessed: Our Top 20 Bras for D+

Once upon a time, finding a great quality bra for anything above a D cup was about as easy as finding a four leaf clover. Sizes were mostly restricted to the “standard” A, B and C.

For certain, crossing the D divide these days is a lot easier. The industry has listened and many have responded by adding to their repertoire. But not all brands get it right. Simply sizing up doesn’t always mean the best fit. Just as in clothing, there takes a certain finesse and a lot of smart work to construct a bra that can handle the ladies who bless.

Here at SLH we’ve seen the good, the bad and the fugly when it comes to bras. But we’re not here to bad talk anyone. Instead, we’re here to share our top 20 favorite bras and brands that do it right…hint: that means offering a wide selection of cup and band sizes, thank you very much.

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Let’s hit the ground running with the biggest pain point for most D+ gals…the strapless. There is a long list of what goes into a fantastic strapless bra. It has to be secure and supportive but not constricting, needs to lift and separate without pinching and all while staying smooth to create the illusion that there’s nothing there at all. Failures result in everything from side boobs, to uni-boob to the dreaded ‘wardrobe malfunction’. Here are four brands that get it right…

First, and our staff favorite – Wacoal’s Red Carpet strapless bra. Offering smooth, seamless fabric over stretch foam cups, this underwire bra has a front center panel for added breast containment and separation, plus a cushioned lower bottom band for added comfort. There are hidden stays that anchor and stabilize the sides and back. And lest we leave this out, it comes in cup size options from B to I and band sizes from 30 up to 44.

Wacoal, Red Carpet Strapless Full-Busted Underwire Bra $72

Next we have ThirdLove’s 24/7® Classic Strapless Bra. Also an underwire, the 24/7 strapless has silicone bands all along the top and bottom edge to ensure zero slippage. They also have soft support foam in the cups and a wide, smooth band below for comfort and support. Cup sizes are from AA to H, with half sizes offered on the A, B, C and D cup. Band sizes from 32 to 44.

ThirdLove, 24/7® Classic Strapless Bra $68

For those occasions when a longline bra is required, this full coverage bra from Elila really does the trick. It’s ultra-supportive, with stays in cups and its wide elastic at both top and bottom edges keep things looking smooth and seamless. The boning is made of the same flexible underwire as is in the cups, making it a lot more comfortable and less restrictive. The sides and back are made of powermesh, and we love how the back dips low so you can show off those lovely shoulder blades. Comes in cup sizes B through I and band sizes 34 to 48 as well as three color options of black, nude and white.

Elila, Strapless Longline Underwire Bra $72

Finally, for those times when you crave comfort with your strapless support, the Rhonda Shear Ahh Angel underwire bra will have you breathing easy. This bandeau-style bra has plenty of staying power with the wide top and bottom bands, as well as a soft but supportive underwire that lifts and separates (there is also a special knit-in area between cups gives extra breathability). But what really puts this one on our favorites list is choice – in addition to your standard white and black options, this bra comes in six nude color choices from light to expresso. Cup sizes are from A to F and band size offerings are 32 to 48.

Rhonda Shear, Ahh Angel Bandeau Underwire $24



Ah, the t-shirt bra. An elusive mix of seamless support that must have absolutely no show. Oh, and it has to be comfortable. Sound like a tall order? It is. We found our four favorites which we’re sure are about to become yours too…

Welcome to the future. The Silhouette bra from Honeylove uses 3D printed support mesh to create the same support of your favorite underwire, without the underwire. No kidding. It also comes in eight color options including three nudes. Cup sizes are offered from A to G  and band sizing runs from 30 to 48.

Honeylove, Silhouette Bra $64

Another winner from Wacoal, this is their Basic Beauty Underwire t-shirt bra. This little wonder has over a thousand reviews and a 4.7 rating! Six color options, including three nudes, are available in cup sizes from C to G and band sizes 30 to 46.

Wacoal, Basic Beauty Spacer Underwire T-Shirt Bra $62

If your fav tee is a white slub cotton, then you truly want a great bra with the most nude options you can get. The 24/7 Classic T-shirt bra from Thirdlove offers six levels of nude from soft ivory pink to dark expresso. It also comes in a 32 to 44 band size with cups going from A to H. Bonus, the straps are pleated so no worry of any wandering as well.

Thirdlove, 24/7 Classic T-shirt Bra $68

Speaking of options, our last t-shirt bra from Auden can easily convert from standard to racerback, making it a great multi-tasker. It comes in eight colors, including four nudes and band sizes from 42 to 48 with cup size options C to G.

Auden, Superstar Lightly Lined T-Shirt Bra $19.99



We’ve all been there, you’ve found that sexy bodycon dress or top of your dreams and all seems well…until you put it on and then you see it. Side and back bulges can happen even with the most supportive bra. So for those wardrobe moments, don’t despair! We’ve found four great options to smooth out those sneaky little side sausages.

Clever technology solves that side sag in a snap with the Elomi Cate side smoothing bra from Wacoal. The secret is a set of built-in inner slings on the outer side of each cup, combined with smooth, breathable mesh that hugs your sides without pinching in. The result is a gorgeous look that reads seamless under any tight top. This bra is truly made for the endowed and starts at cup size DD going all the way to K. Band sizes are from 34 to 46 and comes in four fun color options.

Wacoal, Elomi Cate Side Support Bra $59

With its crisscross powermesh front and wide side bands, the Paramour bra targets those especially stubborn side bumps that like to form between the armpit and the rib cage. Starting at a 36 band and running to a 42, it also offers generous cup sizes from C to G.

Paramour, Marvelous Side Smoother Seamless Bra $24.99

Looking for a wire free choice that hits the sides and back? We’ve got you covered. Check out this 4-way stretch bra from Vanity Fair with fabric with its high sides and built-in back smoother. The color choice is limited to four but it comes in cup sizes from C to F and band sizing from 36 to 44.

Vanity Fair, Beauty Back® Wireless Smoother Bra $46

Our last choice offers 360 degrees of seamless smoothing. Using breathable nylon with a touch of spandex, this  wireless bralette style will fit you just right without ever pinching, squashing, or squeezing. Four color options available for cup sizing A through I and band sizing 30 through 48.

Thirdlove, Smoothing V-Neck Wireless Bra $42



With square and lowcut necklines being a huge trend this season, a quality balconette bra is something you need in your repertoire. Much like with the strapless, a balconette bra for women with larger breasts needs to ensure great built-in support and coverage. Here are four phenomenal ones we found…

The floral stretch lace of this balconette bra not only ensures a snug fit but it also just looks so pretty. The arched center in the front provides for tummy comfort and the side support panels help bring breasts front and center and give added support. Comes in nine color options including this fun orchid. Cup size offerings are from D to K and band sizes from 28 to 40.

Panache, Envy Balconette Bra $67

The well padded construction of this Auden bra provides the coverage and support you need to go about your day with confidence, while lace adorns the cups with an intricate pattern for a sweet, delicate aesthetic. This one comes in six colors, including this lovely sky blue. Cup sizes are from C to F and band size offerings are from 42 to 46.

Auden, Lightly Lined Balconette Bra $21.99

How low can you go? With this plunge cut balconette bra you’ll have plenty of real estate to find out. The seamed sides are tall to ensure plenty of side support to keep the ladies in check while the front offers some daring dip for your lovely lowcut tops. Comes in white and black color options with cup sizes of D to G and bands 32 to 40.

Panache, Black Label Balconette Bra $54.95

And finally, if you’re looking for an alternatively smoother option, this black satin number is minimally adorned in order to keep a smooth profile under your more bodycon tops. Cup sizes from C to E are available as well as band sizes 32 to 38.

Pour Moi, Contradiction Encore Bra $30.95



For our final selection, we’re taking the plunge. The secret to a great fitting plunge bra for larger chests is a low center with minimal push. Why? Well, unlike your A or B cup sisters, you’ve got plenty of cleavage to spare and hardly need additional padding or pushing. Instead, a firm bottom band and strong sides will allow everything to fall into place.

Speaking of falling, we fell hard for this beauty. With its tonal bead effect embroidery through the top cup and amazing support, this bra will give you a sexy yet sophisticated look you’ll love too. Comes in four colors including this gorgeous dusty rose and cup sizes from DD to N and band sizes of 32 to 46.

Wacoal, Elomi Matilda Underwire Plunge Bra $69

Okay so we told you you don’t really need a push up, but if you have your heart set on one, this fun floral number will do the trick for you. Satiny smooth cups on the outside with an underbust that gives things a little push. Comes in three other colors as well and cup sizes DD through G and bands 40 through 48

Auden, Smooth Lace Plunge Push-up Bra $22

What happens when you mix gorgeous floral lace with sheer overlay straps that hold you in and eliminates gaping? You get the chic and comfortable 24/7 Lace Contour Plunge bra. We’re green with envy over this juniper one below but there are also six other fun color options. Cup sizes available in A through H and bands range from 32 to 42.

Thirdlove, 24/7 Lace Contour Plunge Bra $59

Finally, this sexy mesh plunge bra from Curvy Kate really puts the voom in Va-voom. Nine color options from pastel to jewel colors, to chic patterns are available for you in cups from D to J and bands from 32 to 40.

Curvy Kate, Lifestyle Sheer Plunge Bra $60


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