25 Great Gifts for Your Cool Dad 2023

His dad jokes are epic, his chunky sneaks are officially haute, and his ability to randomly remind you of the fact that you are still his “little girl”, but you’re also smart, strong and beautiful is herculean.

Your Dad is cool.

Of course, he’s probably also nearly impossible to shop for. Dads are extremely effective at determining what they want to buy. They’re also a pretty practical bunch, being the masters of “that’s nice, but it’s not something I need…” and leaving it at that. That’s the not-so-good news that you already knew. The great news is here at ShopLikeHer, our Editors have been hard at work putting together a list of very cool gifts for your cool dad!

You won’t find a single random tie or novelty bottle opener here. Instead, we’ve got twenty-five amazing finds that we’ve categorized by what your dad may be into. And because everyone’s financials are different, we’ve collected these gifts across a variety of price points. So let’s dive in and get to gifting!


If cardigan sweaters had existed in prehistoric times, we’re pretty sure every cave painting would have at least one picture we could point to and say, “oh yeah, there’s the dad. He’s the one in the cardi.”. Jokes aside, if your dad is one of the many that enjoys rocking this button up sweater, he’s going to love this one from Creative Irish Gifts.

As the name implies, these cardis are handcrafted by skilled Irish artisans. Made from 100% Aran wool (one of the best quality and most durable types of wool out there) this collared cardigan has the intricate knit pattern made famous by the region. Runs true to size and comes in the traditional oatmeal white. Being a medium weight makes it very versatile. Your dad can wear it an as outer layer on those brisk autumn days, and it makes a cozy mid layer once the snow starts to fall.

Creative Irish Gifts, Aran Wool Shawl Collar Cardigan $129.99


Whether it’s the laptop for work, the tablet for catching up on the news or the smartphone just for fun, if your dad is racking up the screen time, a pair of quality blueblockers is a solid gift choice. Knowing dad he probably already has a modest pair. But cool dads deserve cool things, so don’t just get him any old pair.

Gunnar Optiks has been making treated eyewear for gamers since 2007, but the brand’s product offerings aren’t strictly for the Call of Duty crowd. Their website has an impressive range of prescription, readers and even regular shades. They’ve also managed to rack up some impressive collabs over the years, including these special edition Stark Industries Tony Stark glasses. You can get these beauties in amber or blue tint for your dad, and they’re available as blueblockers or sunglasses, with or without prescription. No doubt your dad isn’t just going to appreciate them, he’ll “love them 3000”.

Gunnar Optiks, Stark Industries Edition $99.99


Fresh air and open trails. If your dad prefers his workouts with a heavy side of nature, he probably already has an expensive, super hefty, winter grade boot…which he wears year round, because that’s his only pair.  So how about this year, you gift him something he can swap out those clunkers for when the warmer climes come around?

Palladium has been making history, and boots, for 75 years. Fun Fact: their boots were designed for, and worn by the French Foreign Legion. Legionaries needed a boot that could traverse the globe and handle walking, crawling, running and climbing, day and night. Palladium responded by creating the Pampa, the first hiking boot made from canvas. Why canvas? Because in addition to being tough, it’s lightweight, and quick drying. Upgraded with the times, the new Pampa HI is just as durable and stylish as ever, plus a super cush, EVA footbed that dad will really appreciate after a long day of hiking.

Palladium Boots, Pampa HI $85


He can tell you in detail the pros and cons of french press vs pour over. For your dad, it’s never just a cup of coffee. So this season give him something truly unique that’ll really warm his heart.

The Good Folks Coffee company is located in Louisville, Kentucky, just around the corner from the world-renowned bourbon producer Pappy Van Winkle (PVW is so coveted, a 10 year bottle starts at just under a grand). Being friendly neighbors, their coffee roaster team has collab’ed up, taking their premium, single-origin Guatemalan whole beans and aging them in Pappy Van Winkle bourbon barrels. This one-of-a-kind blend with a mellow but completely unique flavor profile is a rare treat for coffee nerds (and if your dad’s also a bourbon man, this will send him over the moon). Crafted in small batches, this is definitely a stocking stuffer he will appreciate with every cup.

Pappy & Company + Good Folks Coffee, Bourbon Barrel-Aged Coffee $22


Moving on from brews to brewskies, let’s talk about your dad and his love of tasty craft beer. We’re betting he has a couple of choice breweries and beer bars he loves to visit to enjoy a fresh glass, right out of the tap. Most beer aficionados agree that this really is the very best way to enjoy a true craft beer.

So what if there was an easy way for him to experience that taste outside the beer bar? Well there is, and it’s called a growler. Craft beer lovers have been using them for years. Think of a growler as a thermos, but better. When properly sealed and well chilled, a growler can keep his favorite craft beer at that perfect, straight-from-the-tap taste for several days. It’s also environmentally friendly, since the brewery can fill it up right there for him with zero material waste. There are plenty out there, but our Editors’ favorite is the Off-Road Growler by Wren Camping Co. This 5-star growler was designed for camping, so its double-walled construction can keep things cold for 36 hours without refrigeration and the leakproof pressure-lock seal keeps in the carbonation (no flat beer here!). It has an ergonomic handle and a pour-friendly opening, so pouring out a glass from its 64 oz capacity is super easy.

Wren Camping, Off-Road Growler $55


Vinyl may be back, but as far as your dad is concerned, it never left. Whether his crafted collection is artfully displayed in a cozy nook or has a dedicated room of its own, one thing for sure is it’s filled with decades of music he’ll tell you they just don’t ‘make it like they used to’ anymore.

Okay, that said, here’s something that IS new and, frankly, better. Older turntables may be great to look at, but for actually listening to the music, newer turntables are so much better. With new technology (better materials, more accurate circuitry) the modern turntable produces a richer and more consistent sound. Which is why we’ve put the Orbit Plus Turntable on our list. Produced by U-Turn Audio, a brand known for their “simply stunning” turntables that produce great sound, the Orbit Plus is their mid-price model, sporting a sleek, modern-retro look. It also comes with a built-in preamp that allows for the turntable to connect directly to an amplifier or powered speakers.

U-Turn Audio, Orbit Plus Turntable $399


From weekend casual to casual dress, chinos are your dad’s go-to for looking smart and put together. That being the case, don’t just get him something off the rack. Perk Clothing has over 100 years of experience in the apparel industry and they specialize in just three things – tees, shorts and, you guessed it, chinos. These aren’t just cut, they’re crafted, with a proprietary blend of Cavalry twill cotton (super soft and long-lasting, as well as breathable and hypoallergenic). The method they use includes compact long stems, so no worries of sagging with extended use. Oh, and if you think all that comes at the price of movement, think again, because they also weave in 2 inches of stretch. Comes in eight color options, including this handsome olive. Your dad doesn’t settle on quality, so get him these and he’s sure to live in them.

Perk, Feel Good Chino Pants $89.25

(on Sale NOW from $119)


Just beginning or seasoned pro, all chefs cook better with quality equipment. And while some cooking gadgets come and go, others only get better with age.

Almost a hundred years ago, Le Creuset began making a name for itself with its pioneering enamel-covered cast iron and premium stoneware cooking pots. The brand has added a lot to their line since then, but their Heritage Rectangular Casserole baking dish is not only still being made, it’s their number one best seller. It’s not hard to see why – the non-porous, non-reactive, scratch-resistant, stain resistant and virtually non-stick stoneware is safe for the freezer, oven (up to 500 degrees), microwave, broiler, dishwasher and even metal utensils. The 9″x15″ size makes it ideal for casseroles, baked deserts, broiling fish…the list goes on. Did we also mention it comes in 23 color options?

Le Creuset, Heritage Rectangular Casserole $135


There is something to be said for the tactile experience of writing something down. And if your dad’s go to for jotting down a note involves putting words to ink, a prized pen is a fantastic gift he’ll use every day.

Constructed from 100% anodized 6061-T6 aluminum, Everyman Pen’s bestselling Graftons are small batch productions with uncompromising style and utility. They’re also affordable, sturdy, well-balanced, and refillable (making them an eco-friendly alternative over disposables). There are several color options, but our favorite is the new super matte OD Green.

Everyman, OD Green Super Matte Grafton Pen $49


Technically he hits it over the net, but you get the point. Pickleball, tennis, racquetball or squash, he’ll definitely appreciate a great pair of court shoes.

Ergonomically and mechanically designed for playing on the hard surfaces of the court, the Ultrashot 3 by K-Swiss incorporates the brand’s Surge 7.0 midsole technology, 360 Plantar Chassis Support (for unlimited lateral movement), and the Dragguard 7.0 durable outsole with superior grip and traction. This year’s version comes in eight colors, including this streamlined white version.

K-Swiss, Ultrashot 3 $139.95


Beard dads take their facial hair seriously. Show him you get it with a fantastic self care kit from Scotch Porter. If you’re not familiar, Scotch Porter is one of the best beard care brands out there (they’re almost always on everyone’s top 10 lists, including ours!).

This beard collection is scented with their extremely popular Miami Duppy fragrance – a Sandalwood and Tobacco Musk scent that nearly broke the internet. The kit includes the four essentials every beard dad should have to keep his look on point: the Moisturizing Beard Wash, the Hydrate & Nourish Beard Conditioner, the Conditioning Beard Balm, and the Smoothing Beard Serum. With quality ingredients including Biotin Liposomes, Burdock Root and White Willow bark, your dad is really going to enjoy his new healthy, soft and strong face mitten.

Scotch Porter, Miami Duppy Beard Collection $72.99

(on Sale NOW from $84.99)


He’s always had discerning taste, which can make gifting its own challenge. What do you get the dad who seems to have the best of the best of, well, everything? Especially when you may be the one with the limited pocketbook.

Mott & Bow’s 100% cashmere sweaters are knit from the highest quality Grade A yarn, but because they are a direct to consumer company, you won’t be paying any unexpected retailer mark up, and because the company handles the manufacturing process, they have full product control. The cashmere crew in navy blue is a medium weight knit, making it perfect for cold and warmer weather, and a classic style that your judicious dad will appreciate.

Mott & Bow, Classic Cashmere Crew Bergen Sweater $169


Sneakerheads don’t just *like* sneakers, they live for collecting a shoe with a whole story behind it. So getting him a sneaker he can appreciate and wear day-to-day might seem intimidating.

The K-Swiss Classic VN is a sleek, minimal shoe with a great history. This original design dates back to 1966 and was the first all-leather tennis shoe manufactured in Los Angeles, California. 50 years later, the Classic VN is still one of the most popular styles around, and for good reason. This 4th gen version has all the trademark elements of the original, including the iconic 5 stripes, a D-ring lacing system, 3 piece toe construction and the herringbone brick outsole tread, but with modern updates like recycled PET linings and laces, internal components made using recycled ocean plastics, and more eco-friendly foam materials in the sock liner and internal midsole. It’s like the best of the old and new.

K-Swiss, Classic VN $70


Has your dad been bitten by the RV bug? Whether he’s an old pro who mastered the family vacation long ago, or more of a new nomad, enjoying the life of travel on the road, he’ll greatly appreciate a practical gift for his home-away-from-home.

Generators are build in to most RVs. They run everything in the RV from the electronics to the A/C and can run off of either running the engine or being hooked directly into a proper charging source. But what about those times when he’s traveling in between camp grounds, and/or would rather not have to run the motor in order to charge up his devices? It’s these times when a portable power station comes in really handy. Goal Zero’s Yeti 200x is smaller than a toaster, but delivers 187 Watt’s worth of power for charging all sorts of electronics and small appliances. It’s high speed port can charge USB-C laptops, tablets, mirrorless cameras, and phones in a fraction of the time of a standard power bank. And if you know your dad would love a greener alternative, solar panels for charging the Yeti 200x can be purchased separately.

Goal Zero, Yeti 200x Portable Power Station $174.89

(on Sale NOW from $219.95)


What if your dad is into less RV’ing and more remote access traveling? Wandering the path less taken can be a truly rewarding experience, but it can come with some serious cons, such as no cell service when he needs it. That’s when a signal booster could become the best present you’ve ever given him.

weBoost’s Drive Reach takes weak phone signals and boosts them for improved talk, text, and data. It’s compatible with all networks, including 5G. It can be charged directly from the car with a magnetized antenna that can be placed on the dashboard or outside the car.

weBoost, Drive Reach $424.99

(on Sale NOW from $499.99)


Or perhaps your dad is more into pitching a tent and inviting friends and family into the great outdoors? If that’s the case, we’re absolutely positive he’d love a good camping boot. Remember Hiking Dad and his Pampa HI? Well, Palladium also makes a lighter version of its famed boot, called the Pampa Travel Lite. Like the HI, it’s made from sturdy, fast-drying canvas, but the Lite (as the name implies) comes in an ultra-lightweight design that won’t slow dad down while he’s setting up camp. It will keep him comfy with its internal supportive structure and Lite Tech EVA outsole, rubber toe cap, and TPU reinforcement on heel for stability. The best part? It has fast lacing construction with elastic laces for easy entry and take off. That’s something dad will appreciate since he’d rather not spend all his time in the great outdoors lacing and unlacing his boots.

Palladium Boots, Pampa Travel Lite $110


Would you describe your dad as an adventurous snacker? If he’s into hunting down the interesting and the unique, then this next gift understood the assignment completely.

Try The World is a company that takes snacking to a whole new level…a global level, in fact. For as little as $25 a month, your dad can experience all sorts of exotic treats, like Cacoa nibs from Peru, Thai sweet chili banana chips, Moroccan Orange Blossom Water, and much more. Subscriptions range from $25/mth (for 7 to 9 snacks per box) to $55/mth (for 17 to 20 snacks per box). You can also select a Gift Card option and let dad choose for himself.

Try The World, Monthly Subscription Boxes $25 – $55 per mth


Because he didn’t choose the flannel life, the flannel chose him. So don’t just get him any old shirt, get him THE flannel shirt – the OG of flannels, the Woolrich red and black buffalo check. This classic first came out in 1850 and has been on just about every top list when it comes to being the best. True, it’s not the most inexpensive, but if you’re going for absolute quality, this is the zaddy-of-all flannels.

Woolrich, Alaskan Wool Check Overshirt $395


Is your dad always looking to take his pizza skills to the next level? The Ooni Karu portable pizza oven delivers authentic, stone-baked pizza from anywhere in just 60 seconds using wood, charcoal or gas. This top-selling outdoor pizza oven is ready to cook in 20 minutes and can hit temps up to 950 degrees for that true pizza pie taste. Super lightweight at just 26.4 pounds, dad can move this to anywhere in his outdoor space that he pleases.

Ooni, Karu 12 in. Outdoor Pizza Oven $299.99


Be it sticks or boards, if your dad lives for hitting the slopes, a fresh set of cool goggles is such a great stocking stuffer. This brand new season pair from Knockaround is a brand new collab with none other than the Grateful Dead. As always, these are super sturdy, UV400 that are top notch (something you should expect from the Official Sunglasses and Goggles of the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Teams). They also come with a free pair of lowlight yellow lenses that can be swapped out easily thanks to their easy on/off magnetic lens lock.

Knockaround, Slingshots in Grateful Dead Steal Your Face $63

(on Sale NOW from $90)


If there’s never been a tropical shirt your dad hasn’t said Aloha to, this islander camp shirt from Madda Fella will be a new favorite in his collection. Located in Key West, the Madda Fella brand specializes in the tropical lifestyle. This soft, lightweight camp shirt features a vintage Key West print that just gives island love.

We have a hunch you’ll be seeing a lot of this shirt once the warm weather hits.

Madda Fella, Islander Camp Shirt $140


From easy shirts to easy spirits, if your dad knows his Negronis from his Manhattans, this is a very cool and unexpected present. The AKAL smoking kit is made for cocktails parties. It comes with organic grade kiln dried wood blocks (specially cut and sustainably sourced), this kit is quick to produce elevated smoked drinks in 10 seconds, and there’s no fuss or clean up.

AKAL, Cocktail Smoking Kit $65


Dads like to know where things are, and when they can’t find something, it can literally result in a SWAT style manhunt until its found. This season give him the gift of keeping track of his most important items. For just about anything to keep track of, Tile can do it. And unlike some of those *other* tracking tags, Tile works with any smartphone type.

This starter pack includes 2 Bluetooth enabled tracking devices – one perfect for attaching via a ring to keys, purses, wallets, luggage and another Slim fit that is as thin as a credit card and can be slipped into a wallet, or sticky attached to a laptop, or any other object. If something goes missing, Dad can locate it on his phone app (including lost luggage via GPS). If he loses his phone? He can double press the Tile button on his Tile to make his phone ring (even if it was set to Silent mode). And if dad has other items he wants to track, additional sticker tag trackers can be purchased for just $19.99 (pair of two).

Tile, Tile Starter Pack $39.99


What makes a perfect dad robe? It has to be relaxed and comfortable, with plenty of room (no gap show please), made of cozy material and pockets (because pockets). Land’s End calf length robe is made from thick Turkish terry cotton, comes in 12 color options, comes in sizing from Regular SMLXL, Big and Tall 2x – 4x, and Tall SMLXL. It has a generous fit and two spacious pockets, perfect for those dad-stash items. Oh, and it’s also easy for laundering, dad can just toss it in the wash and dryer with no issue of shrinking or loss of fluffy comfort.

Land’s End, Men’s Calf Length Turkish Terry Robe $65.97

(on Sale NOW from $109.95)


Whether he just likes to tinker around or is a skilled woodworker, dad will enjoy adding Eric Sloane’s iconic book, “A Reverence for Wood” to his reading collection. Not just another carpentry book, this fascinating read goes into the history of the use of wood, the creation of several historical simple objects, and even several chapters on the identification and use of the many trees used in woodworking.

Eric Sloane, A Reverence for Wood $10.49


If your dad is one of the 45 million casual bird watchers, or one of the almost 15 million birders (those who actively pursue the hobby), this is a present that can take his bird posting to next level. This bundle from Celestron includes the powerful Outland 10×50 Binoculars. The 10x magnification works great for long-distance viewing and the 50mm objective lenses provide increased light-gathering abilities for use in low light conditions. The bundle also includes Celestron Smartphone Adapter, which will allows dad to capture Insta-worthy images and video through the binoculars, using his own smartphone. And this set isn’t just for birding, the binoculars are also great for taking pictures of the moon, sporting events, even capturing faraway buildings and animals while traveling. The binocular is built rugged as well – waterproof, nitrogen-purged and rubber armored – so it can handle an accidental drop. That’s something all dads can appreciate.

Celestron, Outland 10×50 Binoculars & Smartphone Adapter $134.99 (on Sale NOW from $149.99)


Of course we’d be totally remiss if we didn’t put slipper king dad on the list. If he could, he’d wear them all day. But all that wear and tear can take a toll, so how about this year you get him a pair that he can wear everyday and still look great. The Challan Rise in suede by Clark’s has all the bells and whistles a slipper dad wants – super-soft and cozy faux fur on the inside, rugged suede on the outside that gets better with age, and a durable, grippy rubber outsole for confidence in every step. What could be better? How about the fact that we found them on sale. YW.

Clarks, Challen Rise Tan Suede Slipper $54

(on Sale NOW from $90)

That’s our list! We hope you found one (or more) items here that your amazing, cool dad will appreciate. And from all of us here at ShopLikeHer, we wish you and your family a fantastic holiday season!

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