2024 Trouser Trends: 10 Styles to Give you a Leg Up

From wide leg to elevated cargo, metallic to corduroy, the trouser trends for 2024 are starting to take focus. We’ve got the Ten that are already taking over.

Saying trousers are basic wardrobe pieces really doesn’t do them justice. A good set of trousers is foundational. They are true staples of every women’s wardrobe. With the right tailoring, quality and fit, a great pair will last you for years.

That said, trousers (like all things fashion) do trend. And because the expectation of trousers is to showcase you in your fashionable best, wearing something dated can really pull your entire look down. Does that mean you should toss those paperbag or skinnies? Absolutely not. Fashion is cyclical, but quality is forever. So hold on to those high-quality pieces…just maybe relegate them to a quiet spot in the back of your closet, until the zeitgeist comes round again.

So without further ado, let’s get into what’s feeding the feeds for 2024.


While some designers have embarked on attempting to graze our bra lines, we’re a practical bunch here at SLHer. Anything at or just above the belly button will keep you stylish and chic, without wondering why your arms are chafing. And while the trend in jeans has been leaning more toward mid and low-rise, high-waist in trousers continues to be the hero item going into 2024.

Like this tailored, stretchy, with just a touch of flared, pant from Diane von Furstenburg. This burgundy beauty makes a fantastic office staple piece.

Diane von Furstenberg, Nolan Pants $229

(on Sale NOW from $448)

These creamy, cropped trousers are giving chic yet casual…

Nautica, High-Rise Wide Leg Trouser $39.75

as do these longer, flared pants from Summersalt in tasty chai.

Summersalt, The Easy High-Waisted Flare Pant $95

Bossing too close to the sun? No such thing in these gorg green peg leg pants.

Sugarlips, Chelsea Belted Peg Leg Pants $75



Cargo pants absolutely ruled in 2023, so it’s no huge surprise they’d continue their domination into 2024. This season however, cargos are evolving into a more polished look, both in silhouette (slimmer legs, higher waist) and material (leather, satin, office-friendly wools, etc.).

Like these slouchy, wide leg versions by french brand Joie, in sumptuous satin.

Joie, Emerald Pant $139

(on Sale NOW from $198)

Or these sexy, faux leather versions from Lysse that add just a *chef’s kiss* of rocker vibe…

Lysse, Clara Cropped Cargo $48.99

(on Sale NOW from $138)

This dark navy cargo by Boston Proper understood the assignment with a perfect balance of professional and utilitarian style.

Boston Proper, Malibu High Waist Wide Leg Cargo $110

and finally, these wonderful, wide leg trousers are the ivory component you need for your spring refresh.

Cato, Plus Size Wide Leg Ivory Trousers $30.99



Between Corp-core and Noughties obsessions, this is the trend we all saw coming. Gray was the heavy favorite for winter, but as we head into spring there’s an interesting course correction towards blue which we’re excited to see. And of course, nothing beats the classic black and white.

Case in point, these Universal Standard graphite/white pair that channel girlboss.

Universal Standard, The Pinstripe Pant $168

These navy pinstripes lend a touch of nautical with their sailor button pockets.

Cato, Navy Pinstripe Pants $27.99

Playing with proportions, Karl Lagerfeld’s version offers a wider space between stripes for an updated take.

Karl Lagerfeld, Pinstripe Wide Leg Pant $58.98

(on Sale NOW from $119)

Finally, these baby bootcut cuties can be polished up for work with heels and a blazer, or lean into that irreverent UK punk vibe with sneaks and a bold tee.

Lysse, Patterned Baby Bootcuts $108



As often happens in fashion, what was once verboten in the mainstream becomes the next unexpected trend. Think lingerie going office-friendly, or in this case, metallic pants showing up anywhere outside of a NYE or EDM party. Of course, wearing a full-on pair of shiny silver is still a head-turner (kind of the point, right?) but when paired with neutrals or black, it takes on a whole new level of sartorial chic.

These shimmering bronze ankle-flares make for a great gateway pant into the metallic trend.

Paige, Claudine Bronze Shimmer Luxe Coating $259

Ganni’s shiny taffeta wide legs are surprisingly versatile for dressing up or down.

Ganni, Shiny Taffeta Wide High-Waisted Pants $425

Joe’s Jeans high-waist gunmetal metallic is super sleek, but approachable.

Joe’s Jeans, The Hi Honey $209

(on Sale NOW from $298)

And finally, the main character energy you’ve been craving, courtesy of Halston’s silver foil trousers. Effortlessly chic with a white button up and long coat, or ready for the party with a cute, sequined top. There are no wrong answers here.

Halston, Jess Trousers in Foil Jersey $395



Loose fitting pleated pants have been on and off the trend train for years now, and for 2024, they are most definitely in. And great news for shorter torso gals: mid-rise and even low-rise options are also trending, making this gathered trouser look even more appealing to every body type.

Wide legs and a relaxed fit make this fuchsia-forward trouser from Windsor a real one-two punch.

Windsor, Chic And Elevated Woven Trouser Pants $44.90

Cool details like a built-in matching belt make this icy blue trouser from Equipment smooth as silk.

Equipment, Armand Silk Trouser $375

Adding pleats is a great way to elevate your denim. These drapey, true-blue jeans by Clare V. are proof of that.

Clare V. x Mother Denim, Pleated Belle Prep Heel $320

Rounding things out – comfy meets crepe in these stretchy but tailored, classic straight leg pants.

Summersalt, The Classic Pleat Straight Leg Trousers $95



While still more of a micro-trend moment, pintuck pants are cropping up (pun intended) more and more, particularly thanks to its heavy nod to 70s retro flair. With its pronounced, single line down the center, this silhouette immediately reads luxury, in a quiet way, which…hmm, haven’t we heard that phrase somewhere?

Simple, classic and well-crafted, this slim pintuck ankle pant by Elie Tahari is ready to go, quite literally, with everything in your closet.

Elie Tahari, Slim Pintuck Pant $268

Of course these longer legged beige beauties are a study in elegance.

Boston Proper, Malibu Belted Ponte High Waist Trouser $109.50

Pintuck meets houndstooth to become your new office-friendly favorite.

Cato, Plus Petite Houndstooth Faux Leather Trim Pants $21.99

(on Sale NOW from $30.99)

Last, but not least, these sandy white trousers by Summersalt are made from ponte knit, making them strong and wrinkle resistant, but still incredibly stretchy.

Summersalt, The Icon Ponte Pintuck Trousers $95



Gray and beige may be eternal, but heading into spring we’re craving something sweeter. Pretty pastels, creamy latte and eggshell whites are finding their place back into rotation.

Like these stylish sage trousers from Windsor in the season’s trifecta of high-waist, wide leg and pleated.

Windsor, Like Clockwork High-Rise Wide-Leg Trousers $44.90

Or these lovely lilac silk pants from Ramy Brook.

Ramy Brook, Joss Pant $149.99

(on Sale NOW from $385)

These creamy cuties from functional favorite brand Love, Bonito, have just a hint of flare.

Love, Bonito, Pvara Regular Flare Pants $59

and finally, these icy blue trousers by Black Halo are actually part of a 2-piece set, allowing you to wear it together with its corresponding cropped jacket, or separately to extend your wardrobe even more.

Black Halo, Hugo 2 Piece Set $695



With its streamlined thigh that flares out towards the ankle, the boot cut is an incredibly flattering look for just about every body type. For straight body types, it creates a shapely silhouette and for curvy gals, it’s a true celebration of our beautiful form.

Like these classic and sleek fellows from DVF…

Diana von Furstenberg, Gregory Pants $298

A little cuff goes a long way with these mahogany-colored trousers by Paige.

Paige, Aracelli Petite Pant $98.90

(on Sale NOW from $249)

Prefer just a touch of boot cut? These baby bootcut checked pants from Lysse are perfect.

Lysse, Patterned Baby Bootcut $59

(on Sale NOW from $118)

Finally, these elegant eggplant bootcuts by NYDJ made for a fantastic wardrobe staple that can be dressed up or down.

NYDJ, Plus Relaxed Flared Jeans $119



If you’re not familiar, think of the Barrel Leg as a wide leg pant that creates a more rounded silhouette, particularly around the knee area. This trend first started gaining popularity in jeans. It’s not a trend for the timid, but if you’re looking to infuse something fresh and unexpected, this is a great idea to try.

These mossy green versions show how this edgy look can translate to office chic.

Love, Bonito, Calynn Textured Twill Barrel Pants $29

(on Sale NOW from $59)

As do these ecru trousers by Osklen.

Osklen, Barrel Tapered Leg Trousers $112

Crave a more casual approach? French brand Joie is happy to accommodate…

Joie, Eletta Pant $198

Finally, if edgy is what you’re going for, these cropped, faux leather barrel pants by Opening Ceremony are made to be noticed.

Opening Ceremony, Barrel Leg Cropped Trousers $314

(on Sale NOW from $627)




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