Top 6 Bridal Necklines & How To Wear Them

Planning for the big day is under way! You’ve narrowed down (or maybe already purchased) your stunning bridal gown. Now comes the fun part – putting together a winning set of undergarments that will keep you calm, chic and supported.

Sure, we know you’ve probably heard tall tales of rib-bruising girdles, gasping-for-air corsets, or worse, the dreaded cautionary tale of “bridal wardrobe malfunction”. Okay, girl, deep breath and remember, you got this! We have 21st Century smart fabrics, and even smarter designers…all there to give you great fitting undergarments that won’t put your panties in a bunch.

Our editors have pulled together a full arsenal of products and matched them against the 6 most popular necklines so you can choose your best bra or shapewear (for a little more control).

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Without further adieu, let’s get started, shall we?


David’s Bridal Collection, Strapless Crystal Floral Bodice Dress $799

We’ll start with the most popular of all bridal necklines, the Sweetheart. As the name implies, the contour of the neckline’s top half shapes out like the top half of a heart. Usually strapless, but not always, the trick to supporting this style is ensuring the ladies have plenty of separation and support. Here’s some short and long bra options we like…

ThirdLove, 24/7™ Classic Strapless Bra $68

As ThirdLove puts it, “When the straps come off, the true test of a bra is whether it stays up”. We couldn’t agree more. The 24/7 Strapless Bra is available in whole and half-cup sizes to ensure the best possible fit. Silicone on the top and bottom edges help keep things in place as you dance the night away. Soft micro jersey breathes with you and keeps you comfortable from ceremony to reception.

Frederick’s, Hollywood Exxtreme Bridal Corset $27.83

For a long bra look, this corset by Frederick’s has removable straps, push up pads, seamless curve boning and removable garter straps.


Melissa Sweet, Embroidered Mock Neck Plus Size Wedding Dress $1,074

Next in popularity, we have the High neckline. As the name implies, it has a high band collar and fits close to the neck. This style can be fully modest with solid material or slightly demure with lace or other sheer fabrics. Let’s look at some great options…

ThirdLove, 24/7™ Classic T-Shirt Bra $68

Whether your High neckline is lacy or solid, the name of the game is comfort. That’s why we’re recommending the T-shirt Bra by ThirdLove. It comes in 4 different shades of nude, so you can have your straps and eat your wedding cake too. Seriously, this could be the most comfortable support bra on the market today. Over 40 thousand reviews give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Madienform Shapewear, Love The Lift Shaping Camisole $58

Cute and comfortable, this light shaping camisole lifts and separates the girls while keeping a low profile under your neckline. Soft, flexible and flattering…we love it!


Terani Couture, Embroidered and Beaded Two-Piece Wedding Dress $330

Also referred to as the Boatneck, the Sabrina neckline gently follows the curve of the collarbone, creating a strikingly beautiful look, with just a hint of flirt as the edges of the shoulder line dip towards, but never fully off, the shoulders.

ThirdLove, 24/7™ Lace Balconette Bra $76

The beauty of a balconette bra is how it creates a “shelf” for your gals, allowing the support needed to play well with your boatneck top.This frilly nude number looks as pretty by itself as it will under your gorgeous gown.

Va Bien, Vintage Strapless Longline Bra $59

Sometimes the best way to figure out your straps on a tricky neckline is to simply remove them altogether. This corseted longline bra by Va Bien gives great support for your girls while getting rid of any anxiety that your Sabrina neckline is too tricky for your bra straps to match.


DB Studio, Knee-Length Lace Sheath Dress $59.99

The Jewel is a higher rounded neckline, focusing on exposing the neck and just a sneak peek of the collarbone. Just as if you were wearing a large, statement necklace. With so much of the front covered up, this style is almost always combined with a sleeveless shoulder. What makes the most sense for under this neckline? Here’s our recommendations…

ThirdLove, 24/7™ Perfect Coverage Racerback Bra $38

Jewel necklines are tricky until you realize you’ve seen this silhouette before…in your workout gear perhaps? Yup, that’s right, if your dress neckline is Jewel, your best friend is a racerback. This version has ultra-thin hybrid foam to support and conform up front while the seamless back leaves no trace of lines.

HerRoom, Fine Lines Strapless Convertible Bustier $42.95

This lightly padded corset has hidden underwire cups free of outer lining and support panels so the outside is completely smooth. Internal boning gives plenty of support and tummy control, and straps are convertible to racerback.


David’s Bridal Collection, Off the Shoulder Satin Ball Gown $549

Also called Portrait, this neckline runs (as name implies) off the shoulder, with extra fabric framing the exposed shoulders. That side fabric may give the appearance of sleeves, but don’t be fooled and try to get yourself a bra with straps. You won’t find anything that matches, let alone gives any strap support. Best option is totally strapless. Here’s long and short versions we’re fond of…

ThirdLove, 24/7™ Classic Lace Strapless Bra $76

Since Off the shoulder requires a strapless bra, you want one that can handle support and lift. This lacy number by ThirdLove works ideally. Memory foam conforms while silicone bands ensure zero slippage. We’ll toast to that!

Fine Lines, New Refined Plunge Bustier $54

One of the big challenges with off the shoulder is they tend to also be deep plunge. If this is the case with your gown, this long bra from Fine Lines is a great solution. No-seam outer shell keeps everything smooth under your bodice.


BrideLady, Tulle & Satin Queen Anne Neckline Ball Gown Wedding Dress $282

This regal neckline rises high at the back of the neck while plunging low in the front. These seeming contradictions between daring and demure unite to create a stunning, powerfully feminine look, sure to draw all eyes on you. How to best support this concept? Here’s some great options we found…

ThirdLove, Eyelash Lace Demi Bra $58

With so much front cleavage showing, you want a bra that discreetly lifts and separates. Demi bras are made for this task, with their half to three-quarters coverage, they have a slight tilt, pushing the breasts towards center while lifting. Or at least that’s what a really great demi bra is supposed to do. Like this one by ThirdLove, with 4.6 out of 5 stars review.

Maidenform Shapewear, Wear Your Own Bra Torsette $51

A torsette is a great solution to allow you the best of both worlds…your favorite lowest plunging bra and all the needed body shaping power of a corset. This version by Maidenform has the ideal cut for your Queen Anne neckline.

So that covers the Top 6 Most Popular Bridal Necklines and what to wear with them. Hope you enjoyed it, and if you’re looking for more advice on what undergarment to go under your gown, check out the sister article


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