The 9 Hot Holiday Jewelry Trends for 2020

The holidays are here, and it’s time to bring on the bling! This season is seeing a whole new set of trends, along with a few tried and true classics that seem here to stay.

Ready to dive into some holiday heavy metal? Let’s get to the lists!

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Not since the 80s have we seen this little “gemstone that’s not a stone” rise to such popularity. Pearls are everywhere this season, but with all kinds of fresh takes on how to wear them. They’re showing up in unabashed volume and sizes. Gone is the requirement that they need to be identically round and perfect, though of course all sizes are welcome. Expect to see natural irregularities sitting side by side with their perfectly spherical counterparts.

TOUS, Gold Luz Pendant w/Pearl & Rhodolites $235

Showing off a perfect example of the beauty of a pearl in any form, the ‘pearl stick’ is one of the biggest trending items for the holiday.

Alex and Ani, 14k Gold Plated Swarovski Pearl Ring $14.97

Freshen up your current ring stacks with a little crystalline calcium carbonate (that would be pearls, of course).

TOUS, Gold Sweet Dolls Bracelet $62

Whether they are ovoid, curved, pinched or lumpy, Baroque pearls are having their time in the spotlight. Since each one has an imperfectly individual shape, you could say these lovelies have become the 2020 gem we can all embrace.


KatKim, 18k Rose Gold Pearl Ear Crawlers $1,680

Calling all crawlers. Give your lobes their very own pearl necklace with these unique styled crawlers.

Carolee, Imitation Pearl Tassel Drop Earrings $32.97

How faux can you go? (Okay we’ll see ourselves out, thanks) But in answer to that question, faux pearls are also showing up this year in all sizes and forms. A word of advice however? They may be (a little) less expensive and work great for costume jewelry, but don’t expect to be handing these down in your family. Generally speaking, faux pearls have a short shelf life. Real pearls that are cared for, can last generations (your grandmother can attest to that). Consider this when you purchase, because as they say – you get what you pay for.


They are large and in charge, and have already established themselves on everything from purse straps, to shoes, to apparel, to…of course, jewelry. Chunky chains are here to stay for the holidays. By far and away, the metal of choice continues to be Gold, however designers have been experimenting with various other options. Look for big links and go from there, from metals to Lucite, the choices are yours.

TOUS, Silver Vermeil Good Vibes Ring $99

Daring enough to wear heavy links on your finger? For sure you are when it looks as good as this!

Joomi Lim, Double Row Chain Anklet $125

One of our favorite new areas of real estate to wear the chunky look? At the ankle. What better way to complement those fab holiday shoes…

TOUS, 18kt Gold Vermeil & Carnelian Dinah Bracelet $297

Everything we love about the chunky chain look, all in one gorgeous bracelet.

Gucci, Pearl Double G Necklace $1,550

Gucci knows a thing or two about chunky gold chains. Here’s one that is sure to be a classic in your wardrobe.

Laundry by Shelli Segal, Faux Pearl Link Necklace $24.97

Cute little seed pearls? Check. Big loopy gold chains? Double check. And it’s on sale at a steal of a price? Seriously, why is this not already around your neck?



Maybe it’s all the sheltering-in-place, but this season we’re coveting big bursts of color. Multi-colored gemstones are instantly eye-catching, and it’s impossible to be in a bad mood when you wear them. This holiday season, be your own badass rainbow!


TOUS, Glaring Long Silver Vermeil Earrings w/Multicolored Sapphires $720

Fresh off of their latest collection – Glaring – these long, splendid stunners have Holiday Party written all over them.

Vince Camuto, Geo Crystal & 8mm Freshwater Pearl Slider Bracelet $38

Mix-and-match gem cuts gives this little slider bracelet by Vince Camuto a modern update.

TOUS, Vermeil Noa Ring w/Topaz $180

Forget the pocket full of sunshine, this flower ring by TOUS just sings happy days. If you love your statement rings, this one needs to be in your collection.

Kenneth Jay Lane, Baguette CZ Curved Earrings $34.97

Fun and nicely priced, these little CZ earrings give a ton of color pop to your lobes.

Bony Levy, 18k Yellow Gold Pave Mix Stone Band Ring $1,495

With so many different colors packed into this ring, it’s certain to match anything in your wardrobe.



A seeming contradiction in terms? This season designers are taking Punk and ‘haute-ing’ it up. Spikes and dark metals are going fashion forward when paired with lux ingredients.

TOUS, Small Dark Silver Hold Earrings $92

There’s just something fantastic about a precious metal gone bad. These wholesome-looking earrings get an entirely new look, just by going a little dark side…

Argento Vivo, 14k Gold Vermeil Slay Signet Ring $24.97

Let them know that you don’t play well with others with this ring by Argento Vivo.

Area Stars, Two Tone Safety Pin Earrings $14.97

Punk and pins go together like Sid and Nancy. These get a modern update with two toned metals.

TOUS, Hold Metal Dark Silver & Star Necklace $206

A sophisticated take on punk’s other iconic accessory – the spike. This beauty will look just as amazing with your holiday dress as it will with your jeans & tees.

Saachi, Absolute Zero Bracelet $19.97

Punk meets modern sculpture in this bracelet by Saachi. Slyly add this piece to your sweetest holiday frock to give it some edge.


This trend hit the runways as early as late summer and hasn’t lost a step since. Shoulder grazing (sometimes even below the shoulder) statement earrings can be delicate or brash, but never go unnoticed. While the runways embraced some truly extreme versions, this holiday we are focusing more on the substance versus the size…

TOUS, Gold Beethoven Earrings $1,920

Flaunt it if you’ve got it! These Beethoven earrings in 18kt yellow gold cover all the bases with emerald, chrysoprase, green tourmaline, turquoise, ruby, opal and rose quartz. Just the right amount of drape and an added bonus of a pressure clasp to ensure these stay on all night long.

8 Other Reasons, Niko Duster Drop Earrings $17.97

At four and a half inches long, these silver chain earrings from 8 Other Reasons give quite a bang for the buck.

Forever Creations USA Inc., Gold Vermeil Sliced 3 ctw Diamond Earrings $89.97

They are a girl’s best friend after all. We love the irregular shape that make each of the stones stand out on their own.

TOUS, Large Hold Vermeil Bear Earrings $385

Statement earrings this holiday season aren’t just about the drops. Embrace your playful side and be chic with these totally tubular large earrings by TOUS. Fans of the brand will immediately recognize the iconic TOUS Teddy Bear.

Joomi Lim, Single Long Multi Chain Earring $120

We saved the longest for last. This multi-chain earring from Joomi Lim won’t just hit your shoulder, it’ll slide right past it. Juxtapose it with a small post on the other side, or embrace the trend completely and get a second one to match both sides.


Molten metals never looked so good this year as they do with the textured metal trend. Rippled to give the effect of liquid movement, their shapes run the gamut from undulating organic to hammered and distressed. This trend looks especially interesting when combined with structured apparel and/or rich fabrics. Ideally suited for all those holiday outfits.

TOUS, Gold and Silver Petal Bracelet $237

Like sheaths of gold leaf applied to flower petals, this bracelet appears as a delicate creature and is sure to catch the eye of those around you whenever you wear it.

Alexis Bittar, Sculptural Post Earrings $64.97

Like liquid silver streaming down from your ears, these will catch the light with every move you make.

Tous, Minifiore Murano Glass Ring $151

“Melted” gold meets colorful Murano glass and form the cutest little bear icon in the world.

Sacai, Gold & Silver Chain Necklace $795

The only conversation piece your neck will need.


Halogen, Molten Wavy Stacked Ring (set of 3) $17.97

Wear these together or as part of a larger stack. Their organic twists will lend a completely new look to your other rings.


As the name implies, this trend is inspired by classic 1950s French couture, but (as the name also implies) with a new twist. Cameos, mixed stones, tasseled earrings, and delicate layers of gold and pearls, plus just a hint or two of Edwardian frivolity. Everything about this trend lends itself to great pairings with this season’s holiday looks.

TOUS, Silver Vermeil Minne Necklace $335

This classic medallion + chain is ideally suited for layering.

Bling Jewelry, Crystal Floral Vine Dangle $19.97

Definitely a show-stopper for the rose gold lover. A great costume jewelry piece.

Alexander McQueen, Gold Signature Double Ring $500

Remember we said “with a twist”? Everything about the design of this ring would put it right at home with traditional Parisian looks…until you see that it’s actually a double ring.

TOUS, Gold Mini Teatime Bracelet w/Gemstones $1,540

Brimming with vintage delight, this semi-rigid bracelet boasts 18kt yellow gold with amethyst, ruby, peridot, topaz, citrine, pink opal, iolite, pink sapphire and chalcedony. It’s an apex investment piece.

Adornia, Floral Halo Lt Emerald Diamond Halo Ring $149.97

We’re loving the unusually light color of this emerald ring, and we’re pretty sure you are as well.


While certainly not the new kid on the block, the many fans of this trend continue to inspire us with different interpretations and styles. Let’s be clear, Minimalistic modern does not mean boring. It’s a silhouette that focuses on clean lines and small details that entice your eye to come in for a closer look.

AURate New York, 14k Gold Cuff Earrings $350

Big visual interest at a modest size? These cuffs display this aesthetic perfectly.

TOUS, Silver and Gold Vermeil Leaf Ring $75

A sweet example of how just a hint of mixed metals enhances a simple silhouette.

Eye Candy Los Angeles, Melanie Titanium Screw Cuff Bracelet $19.97

A modern riff on humble materials, this bracelet looks far more expensive than it is. That’s okay…we won’t tell!

Halogen, Elongated Oval Link Drop Earrings $35

Think of this as the Minimalist Modern gal goes punk. Echoing the look of industrial materials, these drop earrings streamline the form into something else entirely.

TOUS, Gold Sweet Dolls Necklace $455

Another misconception about Minimalist is that it has to be cold. While sleek can sometimes come across that way, injecting a little joy, like this adorable gold bear, is still trim and elegant…just with more fun!



It’s been called the Purse Necklace, the Necklace Bag and even the Coin Purse Necklace. And while we may not be able to agree on its name per se…designers, celebrities and influencers all over have certainly embraced the look. And while the trend may not be for everyone, there’s no shortage of looks to suit many tastes…


Kara, Pink Bike Wallet Bag $295

This hot pink number is a great gateway option if you’re looking to try out this trend. Its chunky chain will feel like your favorite statement necklace.

Y’S, Black ‘Pink’ Clasp Necklace Pouch $390

This version really embraces the ‘coin purse’ option of the designs we’ve seen. The top clasp makes for easy entry without too much fuss.

Jacquemus, Purple ‘Le Petite Riveria’ Bag $330

One of the first brands to really reinvent the micro bag, Jacquemus also has several necklace bags at a bit of a more reasonable price point.

The Kooples, Black Leather Card Holder & Compartment $66

Carrying the concept of the unisex design, this version by Parisian brand The Kooples, looks handsome enough you may be fighting your boyfriend over it.

Zac Posen, Earthette Floral Appliqué Chain Case $95

Leave it to Zac Posen to breathe some big feminine flower power into such a tiny package. Simply adorable!


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