Thanksgiving Dressing – Win The Table With These Perfect Looks

In just a few short weeks families and friends will be gathering together at homes and tables around the country, celebrating the season of giving thanks which we call, simply enough, Thanksgiving.

Whether your celebration is laid back & casual, first time meeting the folks or you’ve chosen to tackle the apex job of hosting this year (#TurkeyDayGoals!!), a well-planned outfit is one item on your list you absolutely need. They say the biggest mistake people make at Thanksgiving is trying out a new recipe without making it at least once beforehand. At SLH we believe a close second is leaving your look to the last minute.

With that in mind, we’re here to help! Our editors have pulled together several fantastic looks that’ll have you looking great, no matter if you’re new to the table, joining old friends or running the show.


Whether you’ve been dating a while, or perhaps the timing just seems right, having your S.O. invite you to Thanksgiving with their family is a big deal (spoiler alert – even if they say it’s not, it is). This is a level of trust that needs to be respected. This person whom you (should) care about deeply is allowing you in to an event that is reserved for family and trusted friends. Out of that appreciation, it’s only fair that you dress appropriately. Does that mean wearing something completely not you? Absolutely not. But consider approaching your outfit like you would your first date. A good first impression goes a long way. Luck you, this season has so many chic options, finding something stylish, yet comfortable is as easy as…pumpkin pie.

Nicole Miller, Long Sleeve Dress $420

Okay but seriously, how amazing is this dress? Airy sleeves, below-the-knee hem and gorgeous flowy florals. This stunner looks great no matter the weather. Here’s our inspiration on styling this look…

Shop This Look [from Left to Right]


Congratulations on making it to the big league! You’ve done your preparation on the invites, the seating, the food and drinks…so why leave your outfit to something you throw on last minute? Do yourself this huge favor, and set aside some time to plan and lay out your meet-and-greet look. Even with everything set up, you’re still going to be doing a lot before, during and after the meal, so you’re going to need an outfit that can move as gracefully and looks as chic as you do!

First, for Cooler Climes…

Shop This Look [from Left to Right]

And our Warmer Clime version..

Shop This Look [from Left to Right]


No, you won’t find this one on the calendar. This get-together meal with you and your close friends has been gaining in popularity as it’s own ‘unofficial’ gathering. The current incarnation usually happens before Thanksgiving, however it’s origins actually started on the holiday itself. Previously referred to as “Orphans Thanksgiving”, this version of Thanksgiving started around the late 80s/early 90s, with university students and other young professionals just entering the workforce. These twenty-somethings were often unable (or simply preferred not to) head home to spend time with their families for the holiday. So instead, they gathered with other friends in similar situations. This practice was in turn made famous when the show “Friends” aired in 1994 and the rest, as they say is history.

The general rule of thumb for FriendsGiving is “fun and casual”. So when it comes to your look, you could probably show up in a tee and jeans and be just fine. Be that as it may, these are your good friends, so why not make some effort? We’ve got a few budget-friendly ideas, starting with Cooler climes…

Shop This Look [from Left to Right]

And warmer weather holiday fun…

Shop This Look [from Left to Right]

We hope you found some inspiration in our Thanksgiving gatherings looks. Whatever you decide and wherever your holiday travels take you, we here at SLH wish you a happy, and stylish, holiday!


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