Summer 2022’s Trending Two-Pieces

While we await the return of the beach day gatherings, over here at SLH we’ve been greedily eyeing all that’s trendy in two pieces this season. There are the warmly welcomed perennials, unexpected new trends and some downright fun retro silhouettes sure to bring a sunny smile to your face.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

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Its been a 2-piece staple for decades, so its never truly been out of style. But with the rabid return for all things aughtie, the string bikini is reclaiming its dominant top spot. And why not, really? With the ability to control the size of your suit, it’s the most bespoke swimwear piece you’ll ever own. Ready to show off that post-pandemic HIIT bod? Tie it tight. Or perhaps like many of us, your SIP lifestyle may have added a few? Easy fix by giving yourself a little more room where you need it. And if you haven’t embraced the string for fear of things coming undone – let’s put that wardrobe malfunction concern to rest, because a quick double knot will ensure your fit stays put.

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Cut outs are on just about everyone’s must-have list and swimwear is no exception. While the real estate might be more minimal, designers are finding some great ways of showing unexpected skin that’ll take your already sexy look to next level.

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Sun dancing on the water isn’t the only thing sparkling on the beaches this season. Glittery lurex started showing up here and there last season but this year it’s a full-blown mega trend. All colors are fair game from icy pastels to deep jewel tones.

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While many of them are more for sunbathing and less for swimming, you can’t deny how absolutely stunning a crochet bikini looks under the warm sun.

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This year’s interpretation of the belt is going all the way around. As in the wrap around. Long straps wrapping around the torso make this look fantastic with high-waisted bottoms, they look just as yummy with a sarong or maxi skirt.

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