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Let’s face it, so many products, good and bad, have their fast day in the sun, and then dissolve back into the shadows of make up drawers everywhere. Often it’s because the product just doesn’t live up to the hype. Sometimes, the product itself works okay, but the execution is cumbersome, or impractical, or well…just too time-consuming for today’s busy women.

Tarte’s Shape Tape Concealer is definitely not on that list. It’s America’s #1 Concealer, which means it sells more than any other concealer here. It has been so popular that at one point the stores stocking it had to invoke a 2 per person limit on purchases. No wonder it’s achieved a whopping 5-star rating from almost 20,000 reviewers.

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Fast forward to now, and Shape Tape has expanded into a whole line of beauty items. So what could be next for this amazing product? We’re so glad you asked…!

Tarte has officially rolled out its next gen Shape Tape, the new Shape Tape Ultra Creamy Concealer. This new offering to the Shape Tape name isn’t a replacement for its predecessor, but an advancement that offers something new to the family.  Let’s do a quick breakdown…

As you can see, Shape Tape Ultra Creamy is seriously living up to its name! Packed with so much good-for-you hydration, the new Shape Tape Ultra Creamy is the long-wear concealer you’ve been waiting for. Dry, sensitive, mature skins? This product is made for you. In fact, 100% of the Tartelettes that tested the product noted feeling more hydrated, and 97% of them said it did not settle into lines.

And while the new Shape Tape Ultra Creamy is the answer to those craving hydration, its non-comedogenic ingredients, solid coverage and light matte finish make it just as welcome to all skin types.

Not sure how to work this new item into your current morning make up routine? Our editors give you their best recommended combos, based on your skin type

Mature skin is in for a treat with the 24 hour hydration power of the Shape Tape Ultra Creamy Concealer.

Ensure yourself the very best canvas to start by prepping your skin first with Drink of H2O Hydrating Boost Moisturizer $39. Full of potent marine plant extracts, electrolyte-balancing salt extracts and hyaluronic acid this moisturizer will keep your skin refreshed, plumped and ready for your primer….Base Tape Hydrating Primer $30 to be precise. Why? Besides improving your foundation application, and keeping your makeup from caking into lines or pores (as any good primer should do) this hydrating primer is a lightweight serum with just the right amount of coverage. Next comes our star, Shape Tape Ultra Creamy Concealer $27. With 35 color shades to choose from you’re sure to find exactly the one for neutralizing those dark circles or age spot discolorations and blurring away those annoying under eye crinkles. Keep the goodness going with Water Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15 $39. This water-based formula goes on weightless but includes a great combo of non-chemical sunscreen ingredients and antioxidants. Feeling the need for some extra brightness to your face? Smooth on a little Shape Tape™ Glow Wand $27 and then finish things off with Shape Tape Setting Powder $34.

Dry and/or Sensitive Skin can be a real challenge to keep looking fresh and hydrated without having to pour a ton of heavy moisturizers on your face.

We suggest focusing on quality ingredients with a lightweight feel. Start with Baba Bomb Moisturizer $39, which hydrates and firms with the power of babassu, avocado and green tea. Once again, we recommend the Base Tape Hydrating Primer $30 because the coconut, jojoba, and grapeseed will keep things hydrated without clogging. Then of course, the Shape Tape Ultra Creamy Concealer $27, which slides on easily with its super size wand.  Keep that babassu love going with Babassu Foundcealer™ Skincare Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20 $39. Thirty great shades will keep you ultra-nourished and well protected throughout the day. So now what if you’re craving some contouring? Surprise! Not only is Shape Tape Ultra Creamy Concealer $27 an amazing concealer, it’s also a phenom of a contour – just grab a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone and blend in using the wide wand or the Quickie Blending Sponge (just $16!). Then set everything into place with the one and only Shape Tape™ Stay Spray vegan setting spray $25. This micro-fine mist instantly sets your makeup for the whole day, with no melting, cracking, fading or settling into fine lines.

Normal” doesn’t mean you should be following just any old makeup routine. Yes, you have the advantage that most off-the-shelf products will work for you but hey, your skin deserves the very best treatment too!

Keep that beautiful face feeling good all day with a great base, namely the Shape Tape™ moisturizer $35. It goes on weightless and absorbs quickly with rich antioxidants and botanica extracts to keep you looking smooth but never greasy. Next add a healthy dose of the Timeless Smoothing Primer $39. This skincare infused primer will create the perfect filtered, soft-focus finish, making your foundation, concealer and contouring products go on easily and blend in perfectly. Now that your primed, add your Shape Tape Ultra Creamy Concealer $27 to your under eye area to blur out any discolorations or tired skin issues. With 50 shades available, you can’t go wrong with Tarte’s Face tape™ foundation $39. Nourishing, waterproof and sweatproof it won’t transfer and gives you 12 hour coverage. If you’re feeling a bit too matte and want to kick things up, give your skin a bright, lit-from-within glow with a swipe (or two) of the Shape Tape™ glow wand $27. It gives a soft glow finish without any glitter or shimmer but still makes you look like you’re getting your full 8-hour ZZZs. The finishing touch to ensure everything sets into place and stays there, the Shape Tape Setting Powder $34 is your secret weapon. Added bonus, it comes with a netter sifter built in to help dispense the perfect amount of powder every time.

Oily and Combination skin comes with a whole slew of challenges. Overly active sebaceous glands, whether it’s just in certain areas or throughout your entire face can wreck havoc on your look when its covered in anything less than the very best products meant to combat and cover. On the other hand, overly-drying products can lead to flaky, dry spots that can become inflamed, irritated and splotchy.

Let’s hit this head on from the get-go. First, moisturizing the right way is key. We recommend starting with Sugar Rush™ Don’t Hate, Hydrate oil-free moisturizer $19. As the name implies, it’s oil-free and packed with skin loving ingredients that will hydrate but not clog or irritate your pores. Next up, Shape Tape™ pore & prime balm $25 will minimize pore size and help keep your makeup set and not bleeding into your skin (no streaks allowed here!). Now you’re ready to tackle any blemishes and/or redness and get it under control with our star ingredient, Shape Tape Ultra Creamy Concealer $27 . We’ve been singing its praises for its amazing hydration but if you’re interpreting that as a no-oily skin zone, think again. All that bad stuff like parabens, mineral oils and Phthalates are nowhere to be seen in this products ingredients list. What it does have is amazing coverage with a natural matte finish. For your foundation step, go for the oil control powers of Amazonian clay full coverage foundation SPF 15 $39. It’s 24 hour wear that goes on featherlight but wears like iron. Rounding out our roster, a light dusting of some Shape Tape Pressed Power $32 will help balance out any residual redness or hyperpigmentation and then set it for the day with the Shape Tape™ Stay Spray vegan setting spray $25 that gives just a bit of dewy without the grease or sticky residue you may have experienced with other finishing products.

So no matter what your skin type, or challenges you may be dealing with, we’re here to tell you that finding a great concealer shouldn’t be one of them anymore. From mature, to oily and everything in between, with Shape Tape Ultra Creamy Concealer as part of your makeup routine, the future is smooth and beautiful.

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