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Additional Disclaimer to our Readers: Our reviewer was supplied the Honeylove Liftwear Tank for free in order to properly and honestly review the product. She was not compensated for her opinions. They are her own and were not influenced by ShopLikeHer, Honeylove and/or their affiliates in any way. For more information about our reviewer, please check out her bio at the end of this article.

When Betsie Larkin, CEO and Founder of Honeylove, worked as an artist in the EDM world, she shared the stage with many superstars, like Armin van Buuren and Ferry Corsten. To give herself a confidence boost, she would look to wearing shapewear during performances.

Unfortunately, she soon found herself disappointed in the garments. So she founded Honeylove Sculptwear, with the ideal of creating smooth, beautiful-looking sculpted shapewear that never rolled, bunched or squeezed.

If that sounds like a tall order, well…it is. So at ShopLikeHer we wanted to get the ‘skinny’ on the newest addition to Honeylove’s sculptwear line, the Liftwear Tank. How would this sculptwear perform IRL, with a hard-working, active, real size Mom? So we found one! We gave our reviewer the tank and asked her to wear it over the course of a few days (washing in between of course).

Afterwards, we sat down with her, and asked her questions about the product. Here is what she had to say…

SLH: Can you tell us and our readers a little bit about yourself?

Lauren: Sure! My name is Lauren, and I am a mom, raising a little human (and a dog!), running a home, and building two businesses of my own.

SLH: Have you tried Shapewear before? If so, what were some of the things you liked and didn’t like?

Lauren: [laughing] I have tried shapewear in the past, and at times suffered for it! Most shapewear is just not comfortable for more than 5 minutes.

SLH: We hear you on that one. What are some of the issues that you tend to run into?

Lauren: I’ve found some to be too restricting, and almost all shift with wear, or roll at the waist, etc, leaving you squirming and/or misshapen. They just don’t stay put.

SLH: Understood. So let’s talk about the Honeylove Liftwear Tank and your experience with it. Let’s start with Support, because that’s usually the most important…and interestingly this Tank was designed to be bra-free, without underwire. Did you feel comfortable wearing it without your bra? Both as a base layer and/or an outer layer?

Lauren: So, as a 36DD it is NOT often that I can find a wireless bra, let alone shapewear, that I can wear and feel comfortable and supported in.  This Liftwear Tank really surprised me in this department! I was 100% comfortable wearing it sans bra. It held its shape ALL day, and kept the shape of my breasts looking like breasts! No uni-boob, no sagging or squishing.

SLH: Uni-boob is definitely not a good look on anyone! So it was supportive, but was it comfortable? Did you find the microfiber breathable and comfortable enough for, say, everyday wear?

Lauren: I absolutely could wear this tank daily! In fact, the first day I wore it, I put it to the test by wearing it on a 3+ mile walk in warm weather, and it did not make me feel any warmer than just my T shirt would have. It’s great for everyday wear since it is not restricting, doesn’t roll when you move, or sit, and simply flatters your body.

SLH: How did you feel the compression worked in terms of holding things in place without bulging or other issues that usually happen doing everyday movements?

Lauren: I was so shocked to not find myself having to tug at the bottom of this tank to keep it in place – it stayed put through a full day of activity and work! It definitely helps smooth my tummy without restricting it, and no bulging at the bra line!  Just a nice smooth silhouette for under almost anything!

SLH: How was the sizing? Was it true to size, or did it run smaller or larger than your normal experience?

Lauren: I fit the Large perfectly! It is the size I would have ordered and it fit great! I would say it’s true to size.

SLH: Okay, so the big question – let’s talk price point. The Honeylove LiftWear Tank is currently $79.00 (with Free Shipping in the US). Do you feel this price is appropriate compared to other competitive products in the market?

Lauren: I do feel this price point is appropriate…often just a shapewear bra alone is $65… this is even more than just a bra! AND it’s a wire-free bra that works very well for larger bust sizes. That’s worth its weight in gold! And for people to feel comfortable trying it, the 60 day money back is brilliant! I imagine very few people will want to return it after they try it.

SLH: What, if anything, would you like to see in the future from the LiftWear Tank line? A different version in addition to what you have?

Lauren: I would love to see one with a thinner strap option, so that it can be worn with strappy dresses! That is the ONE thing.

SLH: So, a thinner strap option would be nice? Otherwise though, sounds like you’re likely to recommend?

Lauren: Extremely!

Interested in trying out the Honeylove LiftWear Tank for yourself? Check it out HERE!

A Little More About Our Awesome Reviewer:

When she’s not keeping up with her amazing little one, or wrangling their rambunctious pupster, Lauren is pursuing her passion in health and wellness. She is co-founder of Root & Rose, a boutique business dedicated to making self-care more playful, accessible and community-based through exclusive small group activities. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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