Our 5 Fast Favorites from Gilt’s Gucci Glasses Sale

2020 is here! And over at Gilt, our friends are having sales so bright, we gotta wear shades!

No kidding, our editors were given a peek at this amazing flash sale, with pricing up to 75% off. Nope, that’s no typo…they mean it. But like all good things, this sale is limited, starting right now and until this Sunday, January 5th only.

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Not sure where to start? Our editors are here to slay your analysis-paralysis with our 5 Fast Favorites from this Gucci Sunglasses Sale. Check out our inspirations right now!


Gucci, Unisex GG0062S 57mm Sunglasses $399.99 (On Sale NOW from $650)

These black and green aviators sport the Gucci tiger front and center, but still manage to maintain a low profile coolness. Perfect for the gal who prefers to show off, not shout out.


Gucci, Women’s GG0178S 54mm Sunglasses $199.99 (On Sale NOW from $420)

These frames had us singing “I Want Candy”…as in, eye candy that is. Flattering frames show off the iconic Gucci red and green stripes in a fresh, modern way.



Gucci, Women’s GG0053S 54mm Sunglasses $229.99 (On Sale NOW from $420)

For the lady who longs for the classic look, here it is. Chunky, quintessential, black-on-black, these frames with the double-G logo on the side are perfect for the traditionalist gal.


Gucci, Women’s GG0145S 57mm Sunglasses $799.99 (On Sale NOW from $1,450)

Here it is, ladies…the pink and bejewled beauty that graced the faces of celebrities from Ri-Ri to Harry Stiles. Punchy and perfect for the gal who loves her Gram-crushing, of-the-moment bling.


Gucci, Unisex Round 56mm Sunglasses $199.99 (On Sale NOW from $350)

For the record, minimalist does NOT mean boring. Clean white meets flattering green lens, creating a look that’s somehow both timeless and future forward sleek.

So, that’s our Fast 5 Favorites…Didn’t find exactly what you were looking for? Check out the SALE for yourself! But better be quick, because after this Sunday, it’s Gone, Gucci, Gone…

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