Applying eye-cosmetics doesn’t need to be confusing. Here are our simple steps for classic, easy eyes so you can look like an expert!


Step # 1: Wash Your Face Properly

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You want to start with a clean canvas, so begin by washing your face appropriately. Verify any lingering make up or whatever else is removed from your face. Follow this with a light moisturizer (oil free if your skin leans that way).


Step # 2: Apply Concealer Around Your Eyes

Next, apply a touch of concealer on the highest point of your eyes and right over your eyelids, then dust with a little powder.


Step # 3: Apply Primer On Your Eyes

It may seem overkill, but trust us on this and use a primer. This will ‘lock’ your eye shadow in place and keep the colors from becoming muddled as the day goes on. You’ll want to apply your primer from lids to just below the eyebrow.


Step # 4: Select the Base Color

Now that you’ve finished prepping, choose a base shading for your eye-shadow. Keep in mind that the base shading should be one of the lighter tones like grayish, cream, beige or a lighter shade of any shading that you wish to apply.


Step # 5: Apply Lighter Base Color On Eyelids

Apply the base shading you directly over the eye-shadow bed with the assistance of an eye-shadow brush and give careful consideration to the application around your eyelids. A light hand is better for this so as not to get any eye-shadow on your cheeks or under your eyes.


Step # 6: Apply Darker Base Color On The Crease

The Crease is the area of the eye that falls right along the socket bone, above your eye ball. Everyone’s crease is unique, so we recommend locating it by moving your finger (prior to your prepping of course) above your eyelid. This is where you will apply the darker base coat. Again, a light hand with the brush is better. It’s always easier to add color than take it away.


Step # 7: Wet the Eye Brush Slightly

Wet your brush lightly with water, just a bit. Then dip your brush into your base color eye shadow and begin working it on your eyes


Step # 8: Apply Your Base Eye Shadow Color

To do this, take the brush and begin by applying the shading to the external corners of your eyes. Start gradually with the goal that it doesn’t wind up close or over the eyelids. You can likewise include a dash of white/silver/grayish shade in the inward corner of your eyes to pop them out a bit.


Step # 9: Apply Eyeliner Neatly

When that is done, continue applying the shade by putting somewhat more eye-shadow over your eyelashes. At that point take some eyeliner and perfectly apply it on your eyelids. Verify it is connected uniformly on both sides. .


Step # 10: Apply Mascara On Your Eyelashes

Complete it off by applying a twofold layer of mascara on each of your top and base eyelashes to finish the whole look. Verify the mascara is connected appropriately and doesn’t recolor.

Done! Now you can feast upon your creative energy and play around with more hues. You can play with distinctive styles joining various shades and/or add some darker color to get that smoky look.


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