Here Comes the Bride…15 Fantastic Dresses for Under $100

Are you one of the many happy Brides to be this year? Congratulations! We know this year may be a challenging one. Finding the right location that can properly manage social distancing, confirming a caterer that can deliver food you love with proper safety etiquette, booking florists, photographers, DJs…

And of course there’s the dress.

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We’ve heard from a few 2021 Brides-to-be that are feeling both emotionally and financially overwhelmed, and we’re here for you. That’s why our editors went to one of our favorite brands, Windsor, and gave ourselves one heck of a challenge – to find no less than FIFTEEN gorgeous wedding dresses, for all levels of occasion, and all of them for Under $100.

Impossible you say? Hold our bouquet…


We start with what is still the most popular silhouette out there, aka the “Classic” wedding dress. What makes a classic silhouette? Moderate stretch of material, universally flattering necklines and expected lines that don’t stray to far from the tried-and-true shapes that women have reached for over the decades.

The Myra, Off-Shoulder Side-Slit Formal $59.90

A well-supported bodice and touch of spandex mixed in will make classic off-the-shoulder beauty look amazing without making you feel constricted.

The Priscilla, Scalloped Lace Boat Neck $79.90

Oodles of sweet lace and a high boat neck top keep things demure while the mermaid skirt gives a shapely look to the torso.

The Emma, Sweetheart Crepe Formal $64.90

With a double strap top and cross-strap support in the back, this dress was made for our bosomy sisters out there. This dress does run with a bit of a slim fit in skirt, so if in doubt, get yourself a size up. At these amazing prices you can totally afford it.

The Brooke, Lace V-Neck Formal $59.90

Not everyone likes the bare arms look. If this is you but you’re still craving a little va-voom, this gown will deliver. A clean, V-neck neckline in the front gives way to a daring keyhole back with an additional sexy but tasteful waist slit.

The Asta, Glitter Lace-Up Back A-Line $79.90

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you have to give up your dream of a ball gown. This paired down version has plenty of ample material and movement below but it still streamlined enough that you can walk through doorways without turning sideways (looking at you, Scarlett O’Hara). With its corset-style lace up back, the waist can be tailored to fit you like a glove.


An acceptance of trending silhouettes but done so in a way that is clean and sleek. That’s the definition of today’s modern bride. We’ve got some absolute beauties for you to try…

The Diana, One-Shoulder Ruffle Formal $69.90

One-shoulder looks are a huge trend right now and we love how this one does it with a ruffled flourish.

The Paige, Off-the-shoulder Scalloped Dress $49.90

A totally modern take on scalloped lace, this marvelous midi takes a classic bride silhouette and “un-fussies” it a no-nonsense, practical look.

The Olivia, Eyelash Lace Tulle Dress $72.90

Another example of taking a traditional tulle-tufted bridal gown look and giving it a practical make over, simply by modernizing the length to a trendier option.

The Sasha, High-slit Wrap Formal $39.90

Unlike with most high cost wedding dresses, this fun, simple wrap dress could honestly be something you could wear again. Glam it up with blingy accessories on the wedding day, then throw some casual jewelry on it and it’s perfect for a late summer night out.

The Kate, Formal Crepe Midi Dress $39.90

Another big trend in dresses this year? The side slit. This one adds just a touch of provocateur while the off shoulder and body con shape do the rest.


Some brides look at Kate Middleton’s famous wedding train and say “coulda been longer” but for a growing number of young brides out there, a long and flowy gown leaves them a bit “meh”. Or as in many current situations where the large ceremonial crowd is being replaced by a brief courthouse procedure and then the real party is had at another location meant to handle social distancing. For many reasons, 2021 brides are preferring the petite these days.

The Lily, Crepe Formal Dress $49.90

We’re loving the billowy sleeves that give this shorter gown a masterful look. The unexpected modification to the otherwise square neckline also adds some serious visual interest.

The Meghan, High Neck Crepe Dress $39.90

If you’re proud of your well-toned arms and shoulders, this high neck hottie is the ideal silhouette for showing off those assets. The combination of crepe and a bit of spandex will show off the rest of your curves as well.

The Tori, Feathered Formal Dress $74.90

With such a modern take, we almost included this one in our Modern dress selection. For certain, this is not a gown for everyone but for the modern gal who’s truly embracing the shorter vibe, this one is a stunner.

The Jada, Formal Floral Satin Dress $54.90

Got legs for days and proud of them? Why hide them under a mound of material? This bodice topped, tulip skirted beauty is just what you need on your special day.

The Mina, Rhinestone Formal Dress $84.90

Bursting with bling, this mesh lined marvel gives great coverage up top without going too matronly. It’s a moderate fit, so you’ll have room to move as well.


Sunny skies, ocean breezes, warm sand and a truly casual vibe…what’s not to love about a beach wedding? Channel your inner mermaid muse and experiment with playful shapes and fun sparkles that catch the light like a gorgeous shell.

The Elisabeth, Pleated Tulle Dress $36.90

When the invite is shoes optional, it’s cool to give into the playful. This billowy gown was made for movement and you’ll look like a Grecian goddess from the sea with every step.

The Sophia, Sequined Sleeveless Gown $89.90

We love the touch of “Great Gatsby” whimsy this dress channels. It makes us think of all those unbelievably luxurious parties-by-the-lake described in sumptuous detail.

The Jaden, Foil Floral Sweetheart Dress $69.90

Be your own golden treasure by the sea with the help of a little gold foil. The off-the-shoulders look will show off your sun-kissed beauty while a high slit gives your legs plenty of wiggle room in the event that the sand is a bit unforgiving for walking.

The Jenetta, Front Slit Crepe Dress $64.90

A mermaid silhouette at a beach wedding? Love it. More so, the formal vibe this gown gives off is great if you’re going for a more upscale affair.

The Julian, Chiffon Floral A-Line Dress $64.90

What’s more dreamy than light-as-air Chiffon flowing around you with every gentle water breeze? How about a touch of romantic floral vibe? Yep.


Fun fact, not everyone looks good in pure white. Yeah, we’re guessing you’ve heard that one before. If you’re on the fair side, and/or have pink undertones or if you’re one of the many brides today that find the idea of wearing white on their wedding a real wash, then we say let’s get to embracing the statement making!

The Kaliyah, Lurex Formal Dress $99.90

Champagne anyone? This dress is a knock-out with its off the shoulder crisscross front and daring leg slit. This is definitely not your mother’s wedding dress.

The Reina, Satin Ball Gown $89.97

Let’s redefine the idea of the “blushing bride” shall we? With just a hint of pink, this super luxe looking ball gown has 2021 Cinderella written all over it.

The Palmer, Lace A-Line Dress $59.90

Looking for a little lace in your life? This nude number with it’s lace-embossed silver metallic overlay will complement your fair complexion so much better than traditional white would.

The Amabella, Foil Floral High-Low Dress $89.90

Do you dare to wear a high-low on your day? If it’s as gorgeous as this one with tons of foiled flower power, the answer is “I do”.

The Natalie, Sleeveless A-Line Mesh Formal $99.90

And the last, but certainly not the least of our fab dresses, this ruched up top, flowy ball gown below number in lovely ivory has just the right about of sparkle as it catches the light.


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