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-SLH West Coast Fashion Editor:

What’s scarier than that slasher film you watched last night? Finding yourself midway through October and realizing you still don’t have a clue what to wear for your Halloween parties!

No need to go all Carrie White, the SLH team has your back. Here’s a quick rundown on your options, as well as a few great ideas in the event you have to pull together something super last minute…

Fast Order Fabulous – Think you don’t have time to order up a cool and sexy Halloween costume? Many sites offer quick shipping on items, and that includes costumes. Here are some of the most popular costumes this year, all available for fast shipping (some even Same Day!)

Shop This LookWonder Woman – 2 Day DeliveryStar Wars Rey – 2 Day DeliveryDaenerys Targaryen – 4 Day ShippingGuardians Gamora – 4 Day DeliveryHarley Quinn – 2 Day Shipping (w/Prime)

Last Minute Miracles – Okay, so for whatever reason you just didn’t have time to pull it together, or maybe you get hit with a last minute party invite. Deep breath. We got you. Here’s a few last minute ideas, some may require a quick trip to your friendly department store, but all items should be ready & available. Plus putting these costumes together takes (almost) zero time!

  • Channel a little Zooey – First, pull out your fav vintage dress. Next, hit up the local department store and look in the kid’s toy section for a child-sized guitar. Voila! You now are everyone’s favorite Ukulele-loving hip gal Jess from New Girl!

Shop This Look : Yellow Vintage Swing Dress, Toy Ukulele

  • Coming up Rosie – Want a great last minute costume and make a statement? Grab your high-wasted jeans and put on your short sleeve denim shirt on top. Roll the sleeves of the shirt and then tie the bottom around your waist. Add a red bandana (or any red cloth headband). Complete your look with a strong red lip and a cute cat eye. Congrats on your celebration of the feminist movement!

Shop This Look : Dark Wash High Waist Jeans, Levi’s Cotton Denim Shirt, Red with White Polka Dots Headband

  • Mime Me! – Still have that red headband? Put on a black & white striped shirt and black jeans (or cigarette pants). Tie the red cloth around your neck. Now add white face paint (or just use a foundation color 3 shades above your normal color) draw a strong cat eye, then fill in diamond shapes on both eyes (hint : use a black eyebrow pencil to draw the lines in first before filling it in so the shape looks clean). Top off the look with a black hat and you’re ready to show the world your Mime skills.

Shop This Look : Women’s Striped Tshirt, Red Neckerchief, Black Beret, Ghost Stories Make up Kit, L’oreal True Red Lipstick, Rimmel Infallible Eyeliner in Carbon Black

  • I Heart the 80’s – Surprisingly most of this costume should already live in your closet (no, really)! The 80’s was all about layers and bright colors. First, put on your leggings and then add your demin jean short. Add a tank top and your slouchiest sweat shirt (bonus points : if that sweatshirt is expendable, take some scissors and cut off one of the shoulder to give you that perfect Flashdance look). If you have some leg warmers, slouch those down by your feed and pull on either some Converse sneakers or High-tops. Now pile on any bright thin bracelets you may have (or hit up the 99 cent area of the Department store). If you have long hair, put it in a one-sided ponytail and add a neon bow. Short hair, use some gel and spike it up, then add a bright headband and you are ready to party.

Shop This Look: Pink Neon Leggings, Levi’s Vintage Shorts, Slouchy Heart Sweatshirt, Leg Warmers in Gray, Converse High tops, Jelly Bracelets, Faded Glory Gray Tank top

  • Get Clueless – Nobody does super cute like Cher. The trick to this look starts with a mini skirt, preferably plaid. Next add some opaque thigh highs and either platform mary janes or point-toe flats (save those feet for dancing!). Up top you have options. If you have fitted white button down and fitted sweater, great. If not, try a white tee with a button down v-neck sweater and then top it off with a tailored jacket. Extra point accessories include a pom-pom pen, shopping bags from high end stores (Chanel preferred), slouchy knit hat or beret, and the piece de resistance – an old school style cell phone (either the Motorola flip-top or Nokia are perfect)

Shop This Look: Plaid Yellow Mini Skirt, White Opaque Thigh Highs, Golden Yellow Button down Cardi, Platform Mary Janes, Solid Blazer in Mustard, Pom Pom Pen, Black Beret, Old Fashion Motorola Flip Top Phone


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