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-updated 9/28/2020: 

Back by popular demand, the ShopLikeHer annual article of Coats from Coast to Coast is back! Fall is in full season right now, but before you know it, winter will be here. Whether you’re in Southern Coastal or Upper Northern, you’ll be dealing with your own area’s version of winter, from cold rain to freezing snow.

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Here at SLH our intrepid editors have scoured the 2020 Winter coat season for the best coats to keep you toasty but not toasted. Based on where you are, we’ve got the perfect fit for you!

Ready to get cozy?


Temperature : 50° to 32°

Location : Mostly Mid and Southern Coastal Regions

What You’re Dealing With : Mild by comparison to other winter areas, the temperatures can get down to freezing (usually at night). Cold rain with wind is the major factor to protect yourself from here.



Puma x First Mile, windCELL Fabric Anorak Jacket $59.99

So many reasons to love this jacket. Made of a highly durable, super lightweight material called windCELL. This fabric blocks out wind chill but is still breathable to allow for maintaining a good body temperature inside. Each windCELL jacket is made from yarn created from 12 recycled plastic bottles (sustainably sourced) and each purchase supports local communities to help create jobs.


Paige, Dita Jacket Leather $725

A well-made leather jacket is more than just a single season coat. It’s an investment piece that is relatively lightweight but highly durable for years to come. This fantastic leather from Paige is a great choice. You can wear it solo or layer it up if needed. And while leather can handle itself in the rain, a quick spray of waterproofer will help protect and keep your leather’s color. We recommend a quality product such as Kiwi Protect-All Waterproofer Spray for $7.50 at Target.


American Giant, Range Jacket $125.40

Durable duck canvas makes this short trench both water-repellant and windproof. The dark cargo green is right on trend and the clean silhouette will go with all your office looks.


Temperature : 35° to 0°

Location : Mostly Lower Mid and Southern State Regions

What You’re Dealing With : Freezing rain, sleet and some snow



Adidas, Essentials Down Jacket $90

The slim fit and lightweight feeling of this puff jacket belies its insulating ability to shed both freezing rain and snow (courtesy of PFC-free water-repellent coating).


Sam Edelman, Zip Front Jacket $115.99

This faux shearling jacket by Sam Edelman is super on trend right now. This fellow will keep you looking chill without feeling chilly.


Lulus, Chilly Out Black & White Glen Plaid Long Coat $72

This season’s mad for plaid meets thick and cozy in this double-breasted long coat from Lulus. Heading to the office is as easy as grab, go, gone!


Temperature : 25° to -25°

Location : Mostly Mid to Northern Regions

What You’re Dealing With : Snow, slush and ice are the mainstay. With temperatures dipping into the negatives it’s a good idea to minimize skin’s exposure for periods longer than 30 minutes.


Land’s End, 3-in-1 Squall Jacket $139.95

Available in sizes 6 to 3x (26W) this jacket uses the power of layering to keep you cozy. The outer nylon layer is waterproof, followed by a built-in wind resistant second layer and includes a removable fleece liner inside which can be worn separately or together when things hit the negatives.


French Connection, Softshell Dickey Insert Puffer Jacket $59.98

Three quarters is a great length for keeping your torso warm in colder climes. This hefty puffer comes with its own built-in knit dickey for added layering to keep your heat in as you go out and about running errands.


kate spade new york, Twill Wool Blend Belted Coat $199.97

What do you get when you combine one of the most durable weaves with one of the best natural insulating fabric? You get this glorious twill wool long coat from Kate Spade. Not only will this coat wear like iron and keep you warm but you’ll look incredibly chic while it does so.



Temperature : 10° to -40°

Location : Mostly Central and Upper Northern Regions

What You’re Dealing With : Simply put, it’s too cold to function for long periods of time outside. Keeping your skin covered is a must in temperatures this low. Every bit of body heat should be captured to keep your core protected.


Columbia, Carson’s Pass Interchange Jacket $220

This double layered hooded jacket is made for the negatives. The inner shell has a thermal reflective lining to keep your body heat inside where it’s needed and the outside windproof and waterproof keeps the damp out. Think you’ll roast? No way – the fabrics are also breathable through the vent seams. It also comes with thumb hole cuffs to ensure limited heat escape through your sleeves.


Land’s End, Insulated Long Stadium Coat $159.97

Worn by The Weather Channel reporters, this long coat is rated for comfort down to -33 degrees. How’s that for keeping you warm while you’re out running necessary errands? Waterproof and wind proof, when you have to go out, grab this one.


Karl Lagerfeld Paris, Contrast Maxi Belted Long Puffer $300

This long puffer goes all the way down to mid-calf to keep you cocooned in warmth. There’s a puff hood and a stand collar with double wraps to protect your face from exposure. Tight cuffed straps at the sleeves keep the heat inside where you need it to be when traversing the bitter cold to the office.


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