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Winter has definitely made itself known this year. Check any weather app from anywhere in the continental US and you’ve got a range of everything from cold rain to freezing snow.

Here at SLH our intrepid editors have scoured the fashion world for the best winter coats to keep you toasty but not toasted. Based on where you are, we’ve got the perfect fit for you.


Temperature : 50° to 32°

Location : Mostly Mid and Southern Coastal Regions

What You’re Dealing With : Mild by comparison to other winter areas, the temperatures can get down to freezing (usually at night). Cold rain with wind is the major factor to protect yourself from here.

Shop This Look : [from Left to Right]

The North Face Resolve Plus Women’s Rain Jacket $79.99, London Fog Belted Water Repellent Trench Coat $101.40, Joules Golightly Waterproof Pack-a-way Floral Printed Rain Jacket $74.95


Temperature : 35° to 0°

Location : Mostly Lower Mid and Southern State Regions

What You’re Dealing With : Freezing rain, sleet and some snow

Shop This Look : [from Left to Right]

Columbia Women’s Bugaboo 80th Anniversary Interchange Jacket $99.98, Preston & York Plus Size Faux Fur Trim Hood Zip Front Coat $149.40, Avec Les Filles Notch Collar Zip Asymmetrical Biker Jacket $101.40


Temperature : 25° to -25°

Location : Mostly Mid to Northern Regions

What You’re Dealing With : Snow, slush and ice are the mainstay. With temperatures dipping into the negatives it’s a good idea to minimize skin’s exposure for periods longer than 30 minutes.

Shop This Look : [from Left to Right]

The North Face Carto 3-in-1 Jacket $240.00, Patagonia Women’s Vosque 3 in 1 Parka $449.00, Preston & York Stretch Puffy Coat $101.40


Temperature : 10° to -40°

Location : Mostly Central and Upper Northern Regions

What You’re Dealing With : Simply put, it’s too cold to function for long periods of time outside. Keeping your skin covered is a must in temperatures this low. Every bit of body heat should be captured to keep your core protected.

Shop This Look : [from Left to Right]

Columbia Women’s Carson Pass Interchange Jacket $220.00, L.L. Bean Ultrawarm Coat Three Quarter Length $239.00, Canadian Goose Gabriola Hooded Parka Coat w/Reflective Back $825.00

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