Resolution Gear : Bags that will make you want to work out!

-SLH East Coast Fashion Editor:

The New Year is upon us and with it comes those resolutions. The #1 on most everyone’s list? Being more healthy. Maybe you’re finally making that first step into the gym, or maybe you’re already a gym goer but looking to kick things up a notch. The gym clothes may make the woman, but it’s the bag that gets you there.

Here are our top picks, pooled from readers, that really work with your work out:

Apera Studio Tote

Best for: Running

Why? : With lots of pockets smartly placed, we love the Apera Studio Tote for when we hit the treadmill. The base is water resistant and antimicrobial (so odor problems are kept in check). But our fav about this bag are the 2 side vented zip pockets that can hold your shoes separately from the rest of your clothes (up to women’s size 9). It comes with an additional carry bag for your wet clothes. Priced at $99

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Hotdog Yoga Rollpack

Best for : Yoga

Why? : This duffel style bag is perfect when you need to squeeze in a yoga class before, during or after work. The garmet bag literally ‘rolls’ around your yoga mat, keeping your work clothes dry and wrinkle free, while the separated front zip pockets stash your workout wear. Added bonus is a towel and water bottle pocket to keep you fresh from Bikram to Yin. Priced at $53.75

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LeSportsac Candace North/South Rainbow Stripe Tote

Best for : Spinning

Why? : As a Spinner, you’re gym accessories list is few. You can carry off a streamlined bag in chic style. This waterproof bag from LeSportsac not only looks bright and cheery, but will keep your gear and still have plenty of room for your cell, keys, etc. Priced at $85.00


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Adidas Squad II Sport Duffel Bag

Best for : Lifting

Why? : Lifting carries with it a lot of accessories – belts, wrist wraps, gloves, athletic tape. Some folks even carry their own chalk (rather than deal with whatever stuff the gym may/may not provide). All those little items need an organized bag with easy-to-get-to pockets. The Adidas Squad II is a great bag for this. In addition to the usual extra compartment for shoes & dirty clothes, there are several interior pockets that can be accessed directly from the front and mesh pockets on the side carry items that need to breathe. We’re partial to the bold pink, but it also comes in Black/Blue and Gray/Green. Priced at $45

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Speedo Teamster Swim Bag

Best for : Swimming

Why? : This has been touted as “the” go-to gym bag for swimmers. It’s bottom is water resistant and contains several water proof pockets for your cell, bottle and a dirty bag that will keep your wet suit away from your clean garments. Priced at $50

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King Kong Jnr. Kong Bag

Best for : Crossfit

Why? : If you are into Crossfit, the phrase ‘Got Gear’ is an understatement. Knee sleeves, wrist wraps, belts, jump ropes, energy snacks, water bottles, the list goes on. The JNR version of the Kong Bag has a smaller carry size but can pack a full load of gear. It’s variety of pouches, sleeves and other add ons keeps your work wear safely away from your work out wear, including a separate wet bag for those post-metcon towels. Priced at $99.95

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