Bebe Loves Bebe…And So Do We!

So what was one of the biggest moments at this year’s Grammys? Was it the case of the “missing Swift”? Nope, it wasn’t even music related. Instead, it was a cold dose of reality hitting the pageantry to the show itself – fashion.

Bebe Rexha ‘grammed to the world something that so many of us deal with every day, the fact that she was having real trouble trying to find a dress‚Ķbecause of her size. Yep, that’s right, the 29 year old “I’m a Mess” singer and two-time Grammy nominee’s stylists had been told by designers that her size 6-8 frame was not something they were interested in dressing.

Seriously. That. Happened.

Did this bright and talented star take this rebuttal lying down? OHN. She took to social media, calling out the body shaming incident, while taking the high road herself by not pulling a “call out” to name the actual designers in question.

The groundswell of support was, in a word, amazing. Her IG video saw well over a million views, followed quickly by a slew of media interviews including ET, Access, The Talk, etc, and in perhaps the best revenge, she received calls from several designers from Karl Lagerfeld to Christian Siriano, reaching out with offers to dress her.

Fast forward to now, and Bebe Rexha has teamed up with, who else? Bebe of course, to take that empowering moment and focus it into a new collection, Bebe Loves Bebe (complete with the hashtag #loveyourself).

Just launched for Fall 2019, the collection taps into the synergy of this great partnership. Fun color pops, sassy silhouettes, all the trending Fall prints you could want, oh, and for the record, just about every piece is offered in sizes XS up to XL.

Don’t take our word for it, check out the collection yourself. And to give you even more reason, Bebe is offering several promotions including a 20% off any 1 item using the Coupon code BUY1, 30% off any 2 items with the code BUY2 and 40% off any 3 or more items with code BUY3.

But if you want those sweet discounts, you’d better hurry. The promo runs starting TODAY and runs till 9/23. Seriously, what are you waiting for?

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