Be Your Own Badass Valentine – 15 Fantastic Gifts to Give Yourself

Who’s your greatest, bestest Valentine ever? You are, momma. That’s right, we said it and we’ll say it again. Ask yourself, who knows you better than you? What you like, love, hate, fear, overcome, stand up to…we can go on but we think you get it. Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a holiday celebrating True Love. And to paraphrase one of the best mantras ever put to music – “Learning to love yourself, is the greatest love of all.”

That’s badass. And when you focus on respecting yourself with a little self-love, that makes you one tough, beautiful lady.

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So why on earth would you wait for someone else to gift you the things that you desire? Let’s put the saccharine sweet candy hearts to the side for a moment. At SLH, we’ve put together a list of 15 fantastic gifts we think are perfect for a badass Valentine like you. Take a look, and if something strikes your fancy…get it, use it and remind yourself just how amazing you are.

ThirdLove, 24/7™ Lace Contour Plunge Bra $76

Why It’s Badass: Sexy meets strength in this gorgeous lacy plunge bra by ThirdLove. Memory foam contours to a perfect natural fit, micro jersey flexes for maximum durability and flattering lace is the romantic cherry on the top. Comes in an amazing array of sizes from A to I (and half sizes to boot!). Supportive, beautiful and cool under pressure…just like you.

Tony Rubino, RBG-Does-Frida Yoga Leggings $75

Why It’s Badass: Technically, there’s three badass women in one. You, showing off your badass yoga moves, plus our Lady of Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who’s powerful pose is reinterpreted by artist Tony Rubino into that of Frida Kahlo. Check, check aaaaand check!

Beek, Lovebird Stud Slide $295

Why It’s Badass: It’s called the Lovebird, as in, once you put them on you’ll love yourself forever for buying them. Founded by two active women who were tired of the world of blisters, aching arches and all the usual nonsense we’ve been told to deal with while waiting for shoes to “break in”. This 100% leather footwear has molded arches that will begin conforming to your feet in hours (not days) of wearing them. Taking over 48 hours to make by hand, these shoes are about as far from disposable fashion as you can get. Like all great loves, they’re meant to last a lifetime, and will ensure your strut stays comfortable and badass.

Fracture, Classic 10.8″x14.4″ Glass Print $80

Why It’s Badass: Sister strength is something that should always be celebrated. Got a great pic that you and your gals love? Why not surprise them by turning it into a frameless work of art? Fracture is an online service that takes your fav photos and inks them directly onto high-quality, durable glass. Made right here in the USA, shipping is fast, direct and easy. You can choose from a ton of different sizes from 5″x5″ up to 28.8 inches. We really like the Classic size (shown above) as it’s perfect size for a perfect gift!

Alyaka, Omorovicza Rose Quartz Roller $55

Why It’s Badass: Rose quartz is known to be the crystal of unconditional love, and more specifically self-love. It’s said to open the heart chakra, to grow compassion, tenderness, comfort and forgiveness. That all sounds pretty badass to us. This dual ended roller can be used all over the face. By itself, it increases micro-circulation, reduces puffiness, and helps improve skin elasticity. Add a little of your favorite serum or moisturizer and you have your very own home spa facial.

Philosophy, Amazing Grace Shower, Fragrance & Lotion Set $58

Why It’s Badass: When you’ve been around for over a decade and won Reader’s Choice awards again and again for a scent described as “soul soaring”, that’s pretty badass. Indulge in a little quality ‘you time’ with Philosophy’s best-selling fragrance and come away owning your own Grace.

SU2C, Golden Thread Strong Survivor Antique Gold Personalized Necklace $75

Why It’s Badass: Before starting the Golden Thread jewelry line, founder Jennifer Welker was an ICU Nurse. In that care-giving role, she experienced firsthand the heroic fight of so many against Cancer. She decided to follow her passion for jewelry making, but always with the resolve to honor and help others. This piece from her collection is part of a collaboration between Golden Thread and the Stand Up 2 Cancer organization, which gives 100% of it’s sales proceeds to Cancer organizations. On the front is engraved the word “Survivor” and on the back is your personalized special date. It could be a birthday, a recovery date, or for those no longer with us but still in our hearts, a date of remembrance. Incredibly and totally badass.

ShopVida, Katina ‘Sanctuary’ Boatneck Tee $40

Why It’s Badass: Speaking your mind when others are afraid to do so. Standing your ground against those who attempt to make the intolerable commonplace. Badass women, such as artist Katina Alexopulos, are here to give voice to these objectives. Simple, clear wording that shows support for the concept of Sanctuary in all it’s definitions.

NYDJ, Marilyn Straight Jeans $109

Why It’s Badass: Once upon a time in 2003, a fashion industry insider named Lisa Rudes Sandel had the totally badass idea of designing, creating and selling jeans for women with womanly bodies. Crazy, right? Fast forward to the here and now and NYDJ (originally labeled “Not Your Daughter’s Jeans”) is an online phenom and the go-to for curvy gals everywhere. Leading the pack is the Marilyn, a classic, go-with-everything straight jean that comes in sizes from a 00 Petite all the way up to a 28 Plus Tall. Show your curves some love with these jeans as the perfect gift to yourself.

RYU (Respect Your Universe), Ethos Track Jacket $147

Why It’s Badass: The RYU brand focuses on technical, high-performance urban athletic gear and apparel. They don’t mess around with low quality. Case in point, their Ethos jacket has been earning kudos from several reviewers including Outside magazine, SELF, and many others. Perfect 3D microclimate fabric will keep you running strong and feeling pretty badass. The company has also received accolades for their use of certified clean and sustainable textiles and and their support for the mental health community.

Bose, Quiet Comfort 20 Noise-Cancelling Headphones $249.99

Why It’s Badass: You’re not imagining things, not all earbuds are equal. This is especially true when it comes to women’s ears. Simply put, the size and shape of our ear bowl versus most men tends to be narrower and more sensitive. So if your work out has been suffering because your buds are constantly slipping out, the irony is, it’s probably because they are too large and therefore aren’t able to ‘sit’ in your ear canal correctly. Or worse, maybe they do fit, but you find your ears aching after 15-20 minutes into your routine (talk about negative motivation!). How’s a gal supposed to have a badass workout like that? Time to give your lobes some love and get yourself the Comfort 20 by Bose. These headphones have made the top 10 list for Consumer Reports, Women’s Health and several other “Best for Women” headphone blog lists.

CalPak, The Kaya Laptop Backpack $105

Why It’s Badass: If you’re a real road warrior then you know it’s hard to be a business badass when you can’t find your shit. The Kaya by CalPak is the answer to your prayers. It can hold up to a 15″ laptop along with multiple interior pockets (we’re talking seven here people), and a trolley sleeve that makes sliding it on top of your roller super-easy and secure. Comes in 10 color options to suit your beautiful style.

BeSpoke Post, Evil Jack Pumpkin Brew Kit $33

Why It’s Badass: For the record, we invented it. Over 7,000 years ago in Mesopotamia, a group of forward-thinking badass women began fermenting grains of cereal with water and herbs. Fast forward to the Middle Ages and rockstar Abbess Hildegarda de Bingen came up with the idea of adding hops, and voilà, modern beermaking was born. This craft beer making kit from BeSpoke contains all you need to continue with this fine tradition. And also for the record? Pumpkin just so happens to be one of the most popular beers as voted by…women.

Femail Creations, All Hail The Queen $19.95

Why It’s Badass: Catch up on the back stories of all your fellow badass women who ruled (and ruled well). This feminist coffee table book, written by Shweta Jha and beautifully illustrated by Jennifer Orkin Lewis, tells the story of twenty of the world’s most notable women monarchs. From Pharaohs to Galeic warriors to Mayan Queens, you’re sure to find some inspirational Her-story here.

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