We never thought it would come but Summer finally is here, so we can enthusiastically hug the latest fashion trends of the fun year of 2016.


The cold shoulder trend still reigns supreme which we are a big fan of; rucksacks are the sacks to be seen with and prairie is the new star of the show, but now which looks will make the biggest impact on your wardrobes this summer?  Clearly most of us will not get all of them, but how many do you have already!?  A few simple touches will add a little flair and can make you the talk of the season.


We have tracked down the five best things that will most influence your wardrobe choices (and credit card) this year – from dresses to sandals to bags.  This is something we are drooling over, as some of them are easy pick-ups.

So what are the 5 top things people will be fitting into this Summer?



Chunky sandals

Chanel’s light-up sandals are clearly top of our (someone else’s credit card) shopping list, but Kenzo and Burberry offered equally incredible options and may save a few dollars out the door.







The rucksack is cool wrapped in bacon. Those who will not be shelling out for the Burberry one (so all of us reading this) can choose from the high end street versions that are on the shelves this summer. Customize your new bag with your initials sewn in for a similarly personal look and great way to let the people know you are here for Summer.




3.-ruffled-dress-with-gold-wedgesA ruffled dress

These things always seem to bring out personality. Stylish and stunning, with cascading ruffles – Erdem’s latest set will be a Pintrest sensation for someone looking to kick off the Summer with a bang. These is absolutely no situation where this will not be a hit.  Cute X Sexy X Hot is the best equation at Summer school.







The slip dress

We love these things. Underwear as outerwear is a big yes for next season (as it is every summer, truthfully); after all, who doesn’t love the light and sexy look of the slip dress. However, it was at the Givenchy gala that we found our jaws agape and our hands slowly reaching into our wallets. The slip dress was raging everywhere it appeared and who could not appreciate the flowing, light sexiness of seeing something traditionally left for the bedroom?









A logo T-shirt

Logos are the new “Yes” for spring/summer 2016 – a trend by Vetements’ now sold-out DHL T-shirt.  The ironic and chick are the kings of cotton.  There is nothing better and sometimes sexier than a shout out throwback like a TAB Cola shirt or PSA Airlines.   The best part is trying to remember some of these brands.   Rocking an AC/DC 1979 tour shirt would make anyone’s day followed up by an 84 Olympics top!  Count us in.