The three bags every woman should have
Most of the women have different handbags for different occasions. Fancy ones for formal parties, big ones for work and office or small ones to carry while just hanging out; we all have a number of different handbags we love to take along us when we travel, go to work and are just going to chill out a bit. It is true your handbag can tell a lot about your personality in fact many at times, it entirely describes and defines your persona. Handbags are also very essential to carry around all that you need when you are on the go. Women have a list of essentials which make it vital for us to have a handbag, suiting our needs. Here are three bags that each and every girl should have and if not, then she must get them for they are the ones you need read to use a moment’s notice.

The Crossbody Bag

This is a must have for all the girls as it is stylish, convenient and handy. It is more or less known as the more chic version of backpack which does not require carrying it in hands either. Crossbody bag is beneficial in the same manner as it does not need to be kept in hand. It is one of the best styles with versatility as it could be used both to work or a fun night out. It allows you to carry other stuff with your hands as the crossbody finds its place on your body.

The Work Tote

The work tote is essential for all the working women or students as it is roomy, trendy and allows you to carry all the essentials you need to take to work or university. It can hold your notebook, wallet, tiny laptop, makeup bag, pens and even books. This might sound unnecessary to some but many girls who leave homes early in the morning to return late would know the importance of the Work tote. It is the best bag for a working woman and one good purchase can last you quite a long time even if you use it on the daily basis. It is a great piece to be used as a statement bag too.
The Cocktail Clutch

The clutch is the best handbag for formal dates and parties as it is small in size, looks chic and lets you carry the basic essentials you need for a small getaway. A fancy clutch is best for a dinner date or a more stylish one for wedding, parties etc. Typically clutches are used to carry money, phone and lipstick because of its small space. Get a neutral yet fancy clutch to compliment all your outfits, or at least most of them. It is one of the most stylish purchases so look wisely.

It is true that your handbag is the reflection of your personality, so get the ones that reflect you but keep in mind these three essential, must have styles next time you go shopping!