Animal prints are believed to convey power to the one wearing them in any form. It was in early eighteenth century when fashionable dresses were made with animal printed fabrics. Patterns and colors were imitated and the fabric was used to make beautiful, safari inspired apparels. Furs and laces were amalgamated with the patterns to create some of the most luxurious pieces and designs which continued to rule the fashion world. It is mostly thought that the characteristic of the animal such as the ferocity of the tiger, is transferred to the wearer of tiger prints. Animal prints have been in rage not in just clothing and apparels but also bags, clutches, shoes and jewelry etc. Girls love to dress animalistic and unveil their ferocious, passionate and wild side. So girls, the good news is the animal rage is back!

This new season is just perfect to embrace the animal trends and incorporate them in some way in your look. There are many different ways to feature this mind blowing trend in your wardrobe. Leopard, zebra and snakeskin prints can be added to your style adding beauty of animal life to your personality.

Animal prints can be easily found in many different clothing pieces and it is recommended to incorporate the style in versatile accessories. Shoes, belts, wallets, sunglasses and cardigans are some of the pieces that can use these lovely animal patters and make you stand out with a statement piece of your choice.

It is advised to use animal prints in accessories like a belt, glasses or watch. Wearing animal prints all over can look a little too much this is why fashion experts advise women to incorporate and wear just a single animal printed piece in their outfit. It could be a silky drape or a chiffon top; it could be a snake print bag or a leopard print golden watch. You can use the animal print in any way it is entirely up to you but use with care. You don’t want to look like you just walked out of the jungle. Adding just a single animal print accessory is the best way to make sure that the bold print does not overwhelm the entire outfit. Keep the rest of the outfit classic and neutral while highlighting the animal print you carry. Pair with bold colors summery colors this season like yellow, greens and blues and experience the wilderness with the exotic animal prints. Its surely the rage this year so go for it! Buy yourself a statement animal print accessory or clothing and flaunt it with a flare of pride and glory which comes along with the majestic animal prints.