Ask: Have You Chosen Your Fall Bag Yet?


Labor Day Weekend will be here far sooner than I’d prefer (only two weeks!), but with that summer-ending cloud, there’s at least one silver lining: the advent of fall dressing, which provides opportunities to both whip out some old favorites and pick up some new pieces to flesh out your wardrobe. Around here, of course, the most important thing to decide on is your fall bag.

Top 10 Leather Tote Bags For Women Reviews 2016

Totes are functional women’s shoulder handbags that never go out of style. These over sized handbags are stylish. They are good office accessories and excellent companions for women who like traveling with their makeup sets, phones, and purses in one bag.

The Tory Burch Perry Tote is a Great Everyday Bag

Being in NYC is such a huge reminder of the need for a great everyday bag. I have plenty of bags that work well for NYC life and have found that a great light-weight tote is a must-have if you are on the move often. It’s easy to pack your daily essentials and if you’re like me, you carry a bit more than needed. Sometimes when I have a long day, my tote bag has a smaller bag inside to take to a meeting later and even a change of shoes.


The bridal clutch is definitely the bride’s best friend on her big day. It may appear as a mere pretty, shiny and stylish piece clutched in the hand of the bride but it has a lot more importance than that.


Most of the women have different handbags for different occasions. Fancy ones for formal parties, big ones for work and office or small ones to carry while just hanging out; we all have a number of different handbags we love to take along us when we travel, go to work and are just going to chill out a bit.