Glitzy handmade jewelry

The internet has become such a busy place. You can buy almost anything you can think of. Searching for lovely jewelry items that spark my face with a huge smile seems to be getting a little more difficult. Well, sometimes anyway.

This month I have spent far too much of my personal time on Facebook, but I have come across some really interesting little jewelry start-up businesses. I was actually taken away with some of the great treats available from young designers making a stand in the world of jewelry. Facebook seems to be the perfect platform to engage friends, family and new customers.

On my journey for color, design, treats and lushness I discovered: CJ Designs handmade jewlery. I was instantly absorbed into a world of glitz and glam and could see pendants, rings and bracelets that would ignite any of my outfits with a memorable glow.

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After wearing my jewelry all week, I have had some really nice comments from friends who instantly noticed my sparkly handmade jewelry trinkets. They are very well made and make even the plainest of attire look complete.

Crystal, the founder of CJ Designs handmade jewelry explains:

“I started making jewelry in the summer of 2014, it just started as a hobby but I’ve had such a good response so far. So I decided to set up a page for it on Facebook”.

Online Facebook Store


Value for Money


Everyone can take advantage of the great prices here. You will be smiling with sweet joy on all the lovely items you can pick up here.

Head Office


CJ Designs handmade jewelry was discovered my me (Cherie) on the wonderful wide web. I wanted to show the world that, Yes! you can buy great looking jewelry from young start ups at great prices. Crystal was very pleased to hear she will be featuring on JM and was lovely to talk to.

Glam Factor


Give yourself that glitzy look, go on, you deserve it.

Overall rating

Someone pass me 6 stars. Someone!