Fall/Winter 2016 Beach Style Tips

Keep it Simple

The beach is normally a relaxed place where you go with your friends to have fun and just hang out. That means you don’t really have to worry about being the most fashionable person ever. A few accessories here and there are always welcome, but skip the fancy shoes and really intricate designs- you will end up having to clean them for hours to get the sand out and it won’t be the most comfortable thing during the beach hours. Wear a comfy pair of jeans or shorts if it’s extra warm, some sneakers and a sweater or a hoodie- that way you will be able to concentrate on having fun with your friends or significant others instead of worrying about being cold.

Layer it

One of the easiest things to do when you’re transitioning from summer to the fall/winter season is to layer your clothes. This goes even better with beach outfits, as temperatures could change during the day and you might get warmer if you’re playing some sports with friends and being active whole day long. You could even wear your favorite tankini and wear a sweater dress over it. There are a lot of possibilities but what’s important is that you don’t have to kick all of your summer clothes out. Just be careful when you layer your clothes- if you put on a tankini, shirt, sweater and jacket on, you might look like you’re being swallowed by your clothes so keep in mind that moderation is key.


Simple, yet Stunning.

Transitioning Pieces

There are some transitioning pieces in your closet that could work perfectly for the beach. For instance, if you feel like wearing shorts but you’re afraid that you’ll be cold by leaving your legs exposed, try putting on some over-the-knee socks- they are fashionable, easy and will keep you a bit warmer. Another great thing to carry with you is a scarf. Infinity scarves have become very popular- not only are they easy to wear, but they will keep you warm and look adorable with almost any outfit, and as you can get them in so many different lengths, styles and materials, you really can’t go wrong with one of these.


The scarf can be used as an accessory for any occasion

Rock the Summer Beach-Bag 

There is no reason why you should shove this in the back of your closet come fall. It will be especially handy when you are actually going to the beach- regardless of the season there are always some essentials like a towel and some SPF that you should always carry in your bag.