Coats From Coast To Coast

-SLH West Coast Fashion Editor:  Winter has definitely made itself known this year. Check any weather app from anywhere in the continental US and you’ve got a range of everything from cold rain to freezing […]


Holiday Office Party Looks – Embrace The Festive!

Tis the season for companies all over to host their holiday celebrations. The office party is an interesting mix of showing off your fun side and the opportunity to network and mingle with all levels of coworkers from coordinators to C-Levels. Nothing makes a faster first impression than how you look and carry yourself at these types of events. The key to a great office party look includes keeping these things in mind – Classy, Fun and Comfortable. […]

No Picture


The smell of apples, clean air and the leaves changing color are all signs that autumn has come. Fall is a great wardrobe transition time. It’s easy to keep some of your summer clothes and still be able to wear those chunky sweaters we all love. The top task of fall is adding color to the otherwise dark color scheme. If you are like me, you enjoy color in your outfits all year long! This is how fashion should be. Here are five easy ways to add some color to your fall outfits. […]