Google already knows the fashion trends that’ll be popular this fall

As the world’s most popular search engine, Google has a decent idea of what people look to buy. In a couple of new posts to its “Think With Google” site, which provides insight for digital marketers, it put its analytical prowess to work examining what people are wearing and what’s trending as kids head back to school. The results reflect what you’ve probably noticed by walking around, and what you’re likely to see more of in the months ahead.


Skirts were found again in the center of the fashion world. In the new warm season, fashion designers gave this item yet a more attention, offering us access to a tremendous diversity of various patterns, colors, styles, textures, prints and fabrics. Let’s see what skirts are in style in the new spring-summer 2016 season.

FALL 2016

As always, the end of New York Fashion Week brings with it the inevitable forecasting of next year’s biggest trends, and while it’s still too early to tell which styles the masses will take to, there was a handful of strong recurring looks that emerged with a vengeance from the high-fashion Fall 2016 runways. While a few are holdovers from this past fall (statement fur, thoughtful layering), others definitely feel shiny and new (chokers, excessive ruffles).


The smell of apples, clean air and the leaves changing color are all signs that autumn has come. Fall is a great wardrobe transition time. It’s easy to keep some of your summer clothes and still be able to wear those chunky sweaters we all love. The top task of fall is adding color to the otherwise dark color scheme. If you are like me, you enjoy color in your outfits all year long! This is how fashion should be. Here are five easy ways to add some color to your fall outfits.