The smell of apples, clean air and the leaves changing color are all signs that autumn has come. Fall is a great wardrobe transition time. It’s easy to keep some of your summer clothes and still be able to wear those chunky sweaters we all love. The top task of fall is adding color to the otherwise dark color scheme. If you are like me, you enjoy color in your outfits all year long! This is how fashion should be. Here are five easy ways to add some color to your fall outfits.

1. Wind and fall go hand in hand this is where scarves make a nice, and warm, addition to your outfit. This warm opportunity can also be your pop ofoutfit color for the day. You can find scarves anywhere around this time of year. Every color, pattern and style is available to you!

2. Cold weather may not be your thing but with the right fall jacket you may change your mind. Stores are filled with black, grays and browns but what about those cute blue, red and pink coats. These colorful coats are your diamonds in the rough and something to search for. Change your seasonal dread with a vibrant coat.

3. Flannels are a popular fall trend and can be an easy color addition! Think color when shopping for those cozy flannels to pair with leggings, scarves, and boots.

4. Ladies let’s be honest, we all have tons of handbags in our closet that are unused. We may be waiting for the “perfect time” or “right season” to bring them out. Let’s ditch that idea and use our bright colored “summer only” bags during the darker season to bring a pop of color to your outfit and someone’s day.

5. Lastly don’t forget about accessories during fall. They are very important for any season. Statement jewelry is an easy color pop; big bright necklaces and bracelets can lighten up your attitude and outfit.
This fall think color when shopping and try mixing some of your summer pieces in with your fall look for fun and playful outfits

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